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You need marketing that works. You need an expert who knows what they are doing, and how they can make it work for your business. But, how do you know whom to trust?

I am Mark Mikelat, and I have been providing consulting services for 20+ years. Just Google my name. Remember to check the images. And, check too. I have been around and I am here to stay.

● 20+ years of business consulting experience
● Clients have included Microsoft, HP, the Gap, and MasterCard
● 150+ marketing, and management consulting projects
● MBA – European Business School, a top-10 globally ranked program
● Media trained professional for tv, radio and live events
● Consulting experience in four countries
● College business lecturer and part-time faculty
● Accredited Solutions Partner with Constant Contact Multiple Solutions for your Business
● Author, trainer, consultant, and in-demand speaker
● Creator of the Aspirations Message ™
● Graduate – Internet Marketing Training Center – Virginia
● Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems