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Email marketing is a great way to great tool for small businesses. Building Aspirations loves connecting with business owners to help them with their email marketing needs. We also help with digital marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.

Below are some of our offers, including free promotions, tools, and strategies to help you tap into the power of email marketing and online marketing to find more customers and increase your revenue.

FREE STUFF for Small Business Success – To help with your email marketing needs

Sponsored Workshops for Your Business Conference

If you qualify, you could have a high-quality workshop, presentation, or breakout session brought to your business conference at no charge to you.

Mark Mikelat has a corporate sponsor for professional business workshops on email marketing and social media marketing. If your organization in the greater Los Angeles, California area qualifies for the Expert Program, your customized workshop could cost you nothing. Click here to learn more.

Here is a comprehensive video that explains everything you need to know about the Expert Program. Some steering committees, or program managers for conferences, add this as an agenda item in their conference planning meetings. The meeting planners watch the video together as part of their conference planning and speaker selection processes.

Check Mark Mikelat’s professional speaking calendar for examples of presentations and workshops.

Free Trial to Constant Contact’s Email Marketing Package

Click here to try Constant Contact’s Email Marketing for free for 60 days.

Free Webinars and Workshops to attend

Often, Mark has public presentations on email marketing and social media marketing for small busienss. Some of these business workshops are free to attend.

Check Mark Mikelat’s professional speaking calendar for examples of presentations and workshops.

500+ Instructional Videos on Small Business Success

Make sure to view The Building Aspirations YouTube Channel. We post instructional and motivational videos with practical, and easy to understand small business advice.

These marketing videos help with your small business email marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing needs.

To never miss an update, you can subscribe to the channel, and you will be notified when new content is posted. Enjoy the videos and share them with your friends; your enemies too.

Email Marketing Video Success Series – 10 Videos on How to Do Your Email Marketing

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