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Mark Mikelat – Keynote speaker for Small Business Success

The Motivational Speaker for your next Event – Mark Mikelat.

Do you need a dynamic motivational speaker for your next event?

Hire Mark Mikelat to speak at your next business or professional event.

Motivational Speaking by Mark Mikelat

What you need

You need an entertaining, thought-provoking and professional motivational speaker for your next professional business event. You need a thought leader who is an expert in their field. I have been a professional motivational speaker for a number of years and I can engage an audience.

If you are a meeting planner, an executive director, the manager of a conference, the planning committee for a professional society, or a manager of college events, we should talk. I can bring a powerful keynote speech, or workshop to your event.

Why should you work with Mark?

Mark Mikelat Motivational Speaking

You have a difficult job. As a manager for a professional event, you have a responsibility to provide high quality to your members, attendees, or students. You need to know that you are dealing with a professional who can deliver. A good motivational speaker needs to WOW the audience.

My feedback from the attendees and event managers has always been stellar. I deliver to make you look good to your superiors and the attendees. The people who come to my sessions will not be disappointed.

From years of experience speaking at small business events, conferences, business expos, charitable events, and college leadership and career development events, I know what works. Anybody can provide a quality speech under ideal conditions, but a true professional delivers no matter what. Sometimes the equipment does not work, or the schedule changes, or the rooms change, or there are various and other challenges. That does not matter. I will provide you a quality speech every time.

We really share the experience. Your success is our success.

Mark Mikelat’s Experience as a Professional Motivational Speaker

You need to know the quality of my speaking and presentation; my style. My speaking is very direct, concise, and well-spiced with powerful examples, emotional stories, and very actionable advice. The attendees to my events learn while laughing.

Sometimes, meeting planners, or planning committees, add the review of my speaker reel as a task to their meeting agenda and watch these clips in their meetings. This helps your team determine, with high confidence, why you should hire me to speak at your event.

Small Business Email MarketingHere is a clip from a specialized marketing workshop – How to Be a Twitter Rock Star.

Here are two student testimonials from college leadership and career development events.

This is a testimonial from a student at Long Beach City College.

This is a testimonial video from the Director of Student Housing, and multiple students at Loyola Marymount University.

Click here to view my entire Speaker Reel.

If your organization is in the greater Los Angeles area and you have a limited budget, I have great news for you. If you qualify for the Expert Program, my corporate sponsor may cover the costs of a workshop. View this comprehensive 10 minute video that explains all of the details.

Here is a video with the full details of the program

Take action today. Make sure to hire Mark to speak at your next event.

If you are ready, please click here to get started. Sometimes, the calendar is very full with speaking engagements. The more notice that you provide us before the event, the more easily we can accommodate your request.

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