College Motivational Speaker

College Motivational Speaker

Mark Mikelat – The college motivational speaker students love.

Your next college motivational speaker.
Success in college. Success in career. Success in life.

Mark Mikelat College Motivational Speaker

What college students need

● Students need direction to help them deal with the stress and anxiety of finding their path in life.
● Students need practical, honest, and straightforward answers to their daily challenges.
● Students need somebody who cares and empathizes with their struggles.
● Students need inspirational and motivational messages to empower them.

Mark can bring a powerful program to your institution
Mark Mikelat - College Motivational Speaker
● Mark is often asked back to speak at Colleges again and again.
● He provides a a dynamic, funny, and thought provoking message.
● He has a compassionate and practical delivery.
● As a former administration manager, at a college with 30,000 students, he knows what students need.
● He has sat on scholarship and foundation boards and he can teach students the insider information.
● As college faculty at multiple colleges, he keeps his finger on the pulse what is hot, and work is not.
● And, Mark’s Aspirations message, based on his book, is a powerful platform for student leadership development workshops.

Mark Mikelat has spoken at these colleges, and more…

Mark Mikelat College Speaker

Motivational College Speeches

Here are some topics that students love:
Mark Mikelat College Motivational Speaker
● How to Get a Job Over Lattes
● How to Be the Leader Even if You are Not the Manager
● Aspirations – How to Live the Life You Want
● From Greek Geek to CEO Chic. How to Leverage The College Greek Experience
● How to Have a $10,000 Fundraiser

What about the costs?
If you are in the greater Los Angeles area…

These programs work well as a 1-hour keynote speech, or a 2-hour interactive workshop. The fee for this is $1500. More often then not, the universities has established student activities budgets to bring speakers to a campus.

If you are an on-campus club, fraternity, or sorority and wish to sponsor a event, we encourage you to contact your Students Affairs Department. Most colleges have student activities fees and the money collect goes back to the students in the form of activities such as motivational programs. So, your school likely already has a budget and a system to bring speaker to your school. Start asking in the Student Affairs Department.

If you are outside of the great Los Angeles area…

The fee would be $2500, inclusive of travel. In other words, the travel expenses are included in the fee.

Here are some basic questions that student services advisers and program directors have asked Mark Mikelat:

Why should we bring in motivational speakers for college students?

Imagine when you were in college. You were enthused and excited with the energy, will, and perhaps even the expectation to take on all of life’s challenges. I suspect that somebody guided you. Perhaps you had a favorite professor, or a work mentor who helped direct that raw energy into a focused confidence that really worked.

We all need more motivation in our lives, when I have the opportunity to ignite a spark in the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of younger people; I am excited for this opportunity.

Motivated students are betters students. Motivation can turn apathetic students into go-getters that your institution can be exceptionally proud of.

Do I offer motivational workshops for college students?

Yes. A motivational speech is typically 45-90 minutes and packed with high value, actionable and practical information that the college students can put into action immediately. Motivational workshops for college students are typically longer, more specialized, focused, and involve fewer students. Because there might be fewer students in a workshop, they can get very specialized attention.

Often a university may have me do a motivational program in a morning and a workshop later that day. In the workshop the students can practice and refine the ideas from the speech so that they can practice and refine their application of the principles taught earlier in the day.

What is your most popular inspirational speech for college students?

Looking for a job is an overwhelming and intimidating task for college students. They often do not have clear career goals and somehow they must convince a human resources professional that they should be hired. This process is taxing and stressful even for seasoned executives. I help take the stress away with my program How to Get a Job Over Lattes.

In this program packed with humorous, fun and inspirational stories, I educate students how to not be digital dust in a recruiting database, but a real person connecting with another real person for a real job.

We are ready! What do we do to great started?

Woohoo! If you are ready, please contact us to get started. Sometimes, the calendar is very full with speaking engagements. The more notice that you provide us before the event, the more easily we can accommodate your request.

You may also call us directly at (562) 883 2734.

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