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Twitter Marketing DIY Success Kit

The Twitter Marketing DIY Success Kit

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. The Twitter Marketing DIY Success Kit can help you with your small business marketing on Twitter. Imagine the ability to connect with tens of thousands of people with one well-positioned and powerful marketing message. Now image that more people promote you. They retweet your message, or pass it along to their followers and this can go on, and on, and on, reaching tens of thousands of people by tapping into your Twitter followers with a good strategy.

Twitter is a microblogging platform designed for quick, and concise marketing. It is a powerful tool, but you need to know how to use it properly. Do you know everything that you need to know to be effective with your Twitter marketing?

It can be overwhelming, I know. How could you possible market on Twitter when people are posting jokes, silly comments and random daily anecdotes? Well, the answer is, that you need to be part of the conversation. You need your market to know you, know your products and services, and you need to build a connection with your followers.

Trust building, rapport building, and familiarity must come first before any sale, and with the proper Twitter strategy you can accomplish this. You just need to know what to do to be successful.

The Twitter DIY Success Kit can help you do just that. This is a master index of 20 videos on how to market and promote more effectively on Twitter. These are short with the average length being about five minutes. You will receive a PDF file, which contains links to exclusive and unlisted Twitter videos. You cannot find these videos just by searching YouTube. You need the index. Just click on the link, and as long as you are connected to the internet, the video will open on your device. You can watch these videos again and again as you need to.

The following are topics covered in these short, concise and practical videos:

TOPIC AREA – Introduction To Twitter

Twitter 101 – The Basics

TOPIC AREA – Twitter Setup

Background Customization
Tips for Your Twitter Profile Picture
How to Pick a Good Twitter Handle
Profile Optimization

TOPIC AREA – Communication

What are Direct Messages?
How to Share Videos
Schedule Tweets
7 Twitter Content Ideas

TOPIC AREA – Contacts Management

7 Tips to Get More Twitter Followers
Finding and Following People
How to Convert Twitter Followers

TOPIC AREA – Marketing Strategy

Brand Management
Marketing Messages
Tracking Your Influence

Sometimes the videos are me offering you suggestions and strategies, and sometimes the videos are very step-by-step oriented navigation of the Twitter interface. I show you exactly where to click with your mouse, and when I am clicking, I not only explain why I am clicking, but there is always a big yellow circle on the screen so that you are sure to follow the mouse to the different areas of the screen.

Twitter DIY Success Kit Sample1

The master video index will be delivered in an Adobe PDF file. Here are some sample shots from the Master Index document.

Twitter DIY Success Kit Sample2

I even provide you tips on how to adjust the YouTube videos for the highest viewing quality on your device.
Twitter DIY Success Kit Sample3

Your master index will have links to the 20 videos and most of them were shot in high definition (HD).
ScreenHunter_511 Jan. 11 19.07

The Twitter DIY Success Kit is yours for a one time payment of $47 USD. With your payment below, you will receive the kit via a download, and as long as you have a live internet connection, you can start viewing the videos immediately.


The Twitter DIY Success Kit is yours for a one time payment of $47 USD.


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