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Building Aspirations is a social media marketing consulting company for small business. We believe that small business simply work too hard. We help them with cost-effective solutions for their small business marketing. Our key areas of online small business marketing expertise include email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and digital marketing.

We believe that small businesses are the backbone of an economy and we help you be stronger. You know your business. We know marketing. Let us help you.

Email Marketing

Building Aspirations - Experts in Email MarketingEmail marketing is a must-do marketing strategy for any small business. The return-on-the investment is just through the roof, and this has been the case for years. Yes, it has been around for a long time, and yes, we all get too much email.

Yet, the analytics document, year, after year, documents that the best marketing return for your small business marketing investment, comes is email marketing.

You need to do it properly, and we can show you how with expert strategies on building your list, engaging with your clients via enticing content, and strong calls-to-action to convert email readers into buyers, and even more importantly, customers who refer to you more customers. Click here to learn more.

Social Media Marketing

Building Aspirations - Social Media Marketing Consulting for Small BusinessAre you Social? You are?! Great, now what? Is your Facebook page out there collecting digital dust? Are you a Twitter Quitter, or a LinkedIN Laze-about? Social Media can be overwhelming. It is crazy. But, it is a good crazy.

The key to Social Media is your fan base, and fans are crazy in a good way. They love you and your products. They recommend you and sing your praises. You need more fans, but fans need lovin’ too. They need to be appreciated and acknowledged. You need to engage your fan-base to first build rapport.

Marketing cannot come immediately; you need to earn the right to market to your fans. We can teach you how to do this. We are experts in social media marketing. Click here to learn more.

Video Marketing

Building Aspirations - Video Marketing for Small BusinessVideo marketing is on fire! But, you can get burned. YouTube has 70%+ of the video traffic in the United States and people are using it as a search engine. They are searching for your products and service at this very second. And, when positioned properly, they are willing, and even, excited to watch your videos.

The value comes from the intimacy. These potential buyers are having a conversation with you. You are speaking directly to them, and they are learning who you are, and how your product can help them. And, this could all be happening without you doing anything. The video, once created, just keeps working for you.

But, what should the videos say? How long should they be? What about the setting and the lighting? UGH! There are so many questions. Yes, there are some questions that need to be addressed, but that does not mean that you give up. It means that you tap into our expertise. We have been in front of and behind the camera and we can help you. Click here to learn more.

Digital Marketing

Building Aspirations - Digital Marketing for Small BusinessWhat is digital marketing? Remember in grade school when you learned about electrons? Now, imagine that you could make money from electrons. That is digital marketing. It involves a lot of different ideas, but most people understand it as SEO or search engine optimization, PPC or pay per click, content marketing, digital targeting, or personalization.

Digital marketing involves learning about your target market from their digital footprints and executing a push or pull online marketing strategy depending on the demographics of your market, the characteristics of your channel, and the nature of your business.

The simplest way to say it-> If your website is bringing in tons of business; you do not need digital marketing. If you website is underperforming, you need some digital marketing help.

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