How to Write Subject Lines for Emails

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How to Write Subject Lines for Emails

How to Write Subject Lines for Emails

How to Write Subject Lines for Emails.

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations

Email marketing continues to be a very cost effective marketing method. I will share with you some expert tips on how to be much more effective. The subject line writing is a critical part of your comprehensive email marketing strategy. With a good understanding of effective subject line writing, you can get more readers to open, read, and be engaged with your email marketing messages. Enjoy this short article on How to Write Subject Lines for Emails.

Subject Lines for Emails – Be Emotional.

An email subject line allows you to create an emotional connection with the reader. You want to grab them. Sometimes it is difficult to do this, but if you are in tune with the emotional needs of your reader you can do this more readily. Let us suppose that you own a car repair service. A great subject line might be: “Are you tired of unsavory car mechanics?” This touches on a potential distrust of an unknown service person. You are making an emotional connection with the reader because you understand what their concerns are and this emotionally powerful subject line will make the subscriber more likely to open and read your email.

Subject Lines for Emails – Be Very Short.

How to Write Subject Lines for Emails by Mark Mikelat of Building AspirationsShort subject lines can be very effective. In general, you want all of your email marketing messages to be very concise. When you have an incredibly short title you are engaging readers very quickly. What do I mean by short? Work to have a title of three words or less. This is very difficult to achieve. You need to be a masterful writer to accomplish this. Yet, if you can become the master, your skill will be rewarded with significantly higher email open rates. In literary circles “War and Peace” is acknowledged as one of the best book titles ever. But, if you cannot be short, be intriguing.

Subject Lines for Emails – Be Intriguing.

An intriguing subject line makes people think just a little bit. The challenge here is to be clever and creative. If you were to market a pet shop the following subject line might be good: “Do you love your dog too much?” This causes people to think. They may actually begin to wonder if they do love their dog too much. They would read your email to learn a little more about why you mentioned that idea. This is an example of how you can be intriguing without being confrontational or controversial. In the next idea, I will give you the specific tactic with blank values that can be customized to your business.

Subject Lines for Emails – Be Value Rich.

How to Write Subject Lines for Emails
I want you to create a subject line that is value rich. Think benefits. People love benefits. Now, how do you do this? You should focus on a solution to a problem that your target market may have. Suppose your accountant were to send you an email with the following subject line: “5 Tax Tips to Avoid an Audit.” Everybody wants to avoid an audit, and expert information in that area is of high value. The subject line is value rich. Notice the method. You can use it too: 5 ____ Tips to Avoid ____. Simply fill in the words that are most appropriate for your industry and target market. The subject lines for your emails could also focus on relevance and timeliness.

Subject Lines for Emails – Be Relevant and Timely.

Your email message can be very hot if it is focused on something very popular in the news. This is called news surfing. Please do not confuse this with news jacking. News surfing is good, and news jacking is bad. News jacking involves confusing and misleading information. For example, if you just use a celebrity’s name in a subject line because they are popular, that is news jacking. But, if you can associate it with something in your business, now you might have relevant and timely subject lines for emails. “Would you like hair like ____?” If you are ready to bring people into your hair salon and give them the hairstyle of the starlet of the day, you now have a great strategy.

If you need advanced help – Next Steps.

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Next steps – Subject Line eCourse.

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