17 Super Quick and Easy Content Ideas

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    17 Super Quick and Easy Content Ideas

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    Content is tough, right? You never know what to say, or how to say it. How can you share online in a way that connects and engages with your market, but is still professional, does not burden you with end-less hours of work, and still works to get you more business? I have some great ideas for you. Enjoy this short post – 17 Super Quick and Easy Content Ideas.

    User generated content

    User generated content is created by your fans. These could be your followers on social media, or the readers of your enewsletter. You start the conversation and let it flow.

    Content marketing idea – A contest

    Mark Mikelat Content Marketing2We all love contests because there are prizes. Maybe you can create a best product photo contest and have people share these photos on Facebook. This leads us to the next idea.

    Photos of products

    Share pictures of your products. Show how it is used. Be funny. Be creative.

    Content marketing idea – Photos of clients

    Mark Mikelat Content Marketing3You can also share photos of clients. If you have a service-based business, share photos of happy clients and share a bit of their story. Make sure to share the photos appropriately and get release authorization to cover legalities.

    Content marketing idea – Behind the scene photos

    Let your customers peek behind the metaphorical magic curtain. Show them what the back of your store looks like. A back stage pass to a concert is a cherished ticket. This is the same idea. It promotes a type of exclusivity and secret access.

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    Content marketing idea – Stories of success

    If you were successful in a specific way in your business, share that story. The sharing of stories binds and connects us as a society, as a community, and as families. Share a story to connect with your customers.

    Content marketing idea – Stories of failure

    You can also connect with a story of failure. We are all human and can relate to stories of hardship and failure. It makes you more authentic, genuine and approachable. And, your example may help others to deal with their failures in a more positive way.

    Content marketing idea – Video testimonials

    Mark Mikelat Content Marketing4-150x150.jpgA video testimonial can be exceptionally powerful. Encourage a happy customer to share their experience in a two minute clip. Remember to have a release form ready to avoid any miscommunication about how or where the clip will be used. Contact your attorney if you have questions.

    Content marketing idea – An appreciation video

    Content marketing idea – You can also create a short thank you video and share it with your customers. Everybody appreciates appreciation.

    Content marketing idea – A webinar

    Mark Mikelat - Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Webinars are very popular. If you need to educate your market about a product, webinars are a great method. Click here to access my Content Ecourse, which is based on a webinar.

    Content marketing idea – A white paper

    White papers are more formal materials that companies share with their market. Perhaps you implemented a very successful project. You can explain this in a white paper.

    Content marketing idea – An FAQ sheet

    Sometimes your customers might need just quick questions answered. Perhaps a frequently-asked-questions sheet might be of high value. This could be on a website, and you might drive traffic to it by sharing one answer at a time on social media posts.

    Content marketing idea – A checklist

    People appreciate checklists because they are quick and easy. Maybe there are specific steps involved in an aspect of your business. You can outline these quick steps in a checklist, and encourage the reader to contact you if they truly need the full service.

    Content marketing idea – Before and After photos

    Photos can tell a powerful story, and especially so if these are before and after photos. You can quickly show your success and expertise in a small photo collection of before and after photos.

    Content marketing idea – Problems and answers

    Your business really sells answer to problems. Help your target market understand what problems you can help them with.

    Content marketing idea – Announcements

    Mark Mikelat Content Marketing5-300x200.jpgWhat is happening? Your customer and clients want to know the updates. Tell them about new products, new staff members, and new services in which they may be interested.

    Content marketing idea – Promotions

    Of course, people love deals. Maybe you have a holiday promotion, or a close-out sale, or a referral bonus. Tell your market what promotions you have.

    Content marketing idea – Next Steps

    Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationSometimes, it is tough knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. I understand. If you need help putting all of these ideas together, please click on the orange button, schedule a no-cost phone consultation with me and let us talk about how I can help you with your content marketing needs.

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