Email Marketing Content Ideas

Email marketing content ideas.

Email Marketing Content.

Email Marketing Content Ideas

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations.

I am going to give you 7 email marketing content ideas. I have been an email marketing expert for two decades and I have been helping businesses with their online marketing since 1995, including their email marketing. Email marketing is great. It is a powerful way to connect, but sometimes you don’t know what to say. So, let me provide you, seven quick email marketing content ideas.

Email Marketing Content Ideas – 1. Talk about your store.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (1)Talk about your store. Why did you create your store? Where is your store? What are the hours of the store? Just give a bit of background about the store. If you do not have a physical store, or a brick and mortar store, figure out what is your store story? How can you share the history of the business and how it was created? People like these insider secrets. It is not unlike when a celebrity has a baby. People want to know the insider stuff. Give your clients and customers the background story about your business.

Email Marketing Content Ideas – 2. Talk about a day in the life of your business.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (1)Talk about a day in the life of your business. This is what happens on a typical day. This is how you deal with customers. This is how you deal with clients. Share the typical questions that you encounter. Because this is your business, it should be easy for you.

Email Marketing Content Ideas – 3. Profile a customer.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (3)Talk about a customer or client success story. Interview somebody who knows and loves you. Of course, you need to get their permission to do this. Make sure to tell a little bit about their backstory. Ask the questions that other customers want answers to. How did you help them solve their problem? Why are they working with you? Why do they like your business? People love to connect, not with businesses, but with people. If you are talking about your business, that is one thing, but if a satisfied customer is talking about your business that is better.

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Email Marketing Content Ideas – 4. Profile an employee.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (4)You could also profile an employee. If you have employees whether they be part-time or full-time, people like to connect with people. So, just tell them how you hired this person, why you hired this person, what their typical job is. You may think that this is mundane, or not important, but sometimes when we are dealing with websites and emails it is important to know that there is a human being in there somewhere. We are just social animals and we need to connect. This helps people connect with you, via your email marketing newsletter.

Email Marketing Content Ideas – 5. Demo your product.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (5)Show a product demonstration or a product usage. Show your product being used. If it is a physical product, that could be a quick little video; a demonstration. If it is professional service, you may need to be a bit more creative, but you can still do this. People are visual people and we process 80% of our information through visual media, so do the best that you can to portray the benefits of your product in visual form.

Email Marketing Content Ideas – 6. Customer testimonials.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (6)Share customer testimonials. We talked about customer profiles previously, but this is a bit different. Instead of in depth stories these are quick little comments that people may have written on a blog or on Yelp, or social media. The other day I saw a great idea implemented. Somebody just took a screenshot of what somebody had said on Yelp and they just pasted it in their email campaign. That is an example of email marketing content via customer testimonials. So, share those customer testimonials. This is proof that you are doing an exemplary job.

Email Marketing Content Ideas – 7. Push people to a social media contest.

Email Marketing Content Ideas by Mark Mikelat (7)Encourage a social media contest. If you have fans connected with you on Instagram, or YouTube or LinkedIN or Facebook, encourage them to post. Encourage them to share and create a strategy for this contest. Perhaps the most creative post of the month wins a dinner, or a $50 coffee gift cards of some prize like that. So, you are encouraging your customers and your clients to create a little buzz on social media.

How to Put This Together Into a Full Strategy

Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationWhat are your next steps? This is just seven quick email marketing content ideas, there are thousands more. Good luck with your email marketing, and you if need an email marketing strategy expert, please contact me. I offer a no-cost phone consultation for qualified clients. I want you to get started today. Contact me today.

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