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    Mark Mikelat - List BuildingQuick and Easy Email List Building Strategies

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    You need a list. Email marketing is a powerful tool, but you need a list of people to send your messages to. No worries. For nearly two decades I have been helping businesses with email marketing strategies that bring real, measurable, and cost-effective results. Allow me to share with you some quick tips on how to effectively build your email list. Enjoy this short article – Quick and Easy Email List Building Strategies.

    Focus on Quality, not Quantity

    First of all, realize that email list building is about quality, and not quantity. It is far better to email to 10 people who know and love you, then 10,000 people who do not know who you are. Start with your connections, your clients, and your vendors. The people who know and trust you and are familiar with your great products and services are the foundation of a great list. Business happens only after successful rapport building and this is accomplished through a quality connection. This leads us to the next point.

    Build your list, do not buy it

    It is far better to build a list, than buy one. I have been doing email marketing for nearly 20 years. Some of my clients have been Microsoft, MasterCard, Victoria’s Secret, and hundreds of other globally recognized companies. I have never experienced a significant success story from people who have purchased a list. Consumers want a connection. They want to trust you, your product and your service, and this starts with simply knowing who you are. You cannot buy this relationship. It needs to be developed.

    Spam is for breakfast, not email

    Secondly, do not put yourself in a precarious situation by becoming a spammer. Spam is great, or perhaps, more accurately, delicious when fried, especially over an open camp fire. Spam is a horrible email marketing practice. Please do not be a spammer. I could quote the specifics of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, but I will summarize with some advice that your mother might provide – “Be nice to people.” You do not like receiving spam, so please do not spam other people.

    Train your staff

    Mark Mikelat - List Building
    Train your staff to collect contact information in their client and customer interactions. Please do not be sneaky. Make it obvious that people are subscribing to your newsletter or your updates. Perhaps this might be done in person at the point-of-sales terminal, on the guest receipt, or in the purchase documentation, depending on your type of business. A browser in your shop today might become a frequent shopper next month if they are intrigued and enticed with some good email marketing.

    Add an opt-in form to your website

    Also, I encourage you to include an email opt-in box on your website. You know your business, but a visitor might not understand. They need more information, and subscribing to your email newsletter is a low-risk way that they can get the information that they are seeking. That additional information can come in the form of a regular, value-packed email marketing newsletter. The potential customer can educate themselves on your business at their pace without pressure by simply reading your email newsletters. Make sure to put the registration form in multiple prominent places on your website.

    Ask people to subscribe

    Mark Mikelat - List Building
    As general rule, simply ask the person. Saying “Would you like to subscribe to our email newsletter?” is a quick, easy and non-confrontational way to get new, permission-based, and opted-in subscribers. Statistically, 57% of people will say “yes” when asked. The answer is “no” 100% of the time if you do not ask. Always ask.

    Integrate the Ask

    You can also integrate the ask into all of your marketing. If you have magazine advertisements, flyers, or brochures, you could add a line that asks for the email subscription. You can also add a subscription link on your blog, Facebook page, or business card. Wherever and whenever you interface with your potential customers, you can integrate the ask.

    Learn More

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