Easily Avoid the Google Ads Controversy

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Easily Avoid the Google Ads Controversy

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations

Recently you have read about controversies with automatic Google ad placement. Let me explain a little bit about what it means to advertise with Google, especially with automatic systems. There are significant advantages and disadvantages and you need to be mindful of what they are so that you can use your limited marketing budget most effectively. Enjoy this short article about how to Easily Avoid the Google Ads Controversy.

Google ads – Automated Placement

Google Ads Marketing by Mark Mikelat of Building Aspirations
Sometimes when a company purchases ads on Google they are placed automatically on various media to target a specific demographic. For example, you as the company may purchase advertising with Google and identify the parameters of your market. A media agency works with the advertiser to place these ads. Perhaps ads are placed to run at the beginning of YouTube videos.

There are various parties involved in this implementation so I will provide an over simplified explanation. The Google Display Network and another party such as the DoubleClick Ad Exchange may work in tandem to determine the websites and media outlets that are most aligned with your target demographic. Then they will develop a strategy of automatic ad placement to have your ads appear in the best places according to your targeted specifications.

Google ads – The Problem

The problems arise when the ads are placed on videos or next to material that is objectionable. For example, it could be problematic to have your advertisement associated with hate speech in a video or blog post. Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it is not. A particular artist may release a new song that has objectionable material. But, because the song is new, nobody anticipated the problem. If your ads are placed at the beginning of the YouTube video of this song, now your marketing message is associated with this objectionable song.

This is a huge disadvantage with automatic ads placement at present, but there are significant advantages too. The obvious advantages are the fact that Google has very significant influence and has the opportunity to use this automatic system to save you marketing dollars. But an automatic system only provides benefits if the automation is executed well and is consistent with your overall marketing goals. An automated system that is focused in the wrong direction simply expedites your failure and increases your problems.

Google ads – How to not be dependent on Google

So what do you do? From my experience the best answer involves owning your target market. I encourage all of you to develop a focused strategic plan to build your own community. Whether that is a group of followers on social media or a specific list in your email marketing database, owning your target market will help you avoid these challenges associated with automatic ad placement. Of course having your own fans, followers and product evangelists presents its own unique challenges, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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Google ads – How to Be a Mini-Google

Google Ads Strategy by Mark Mikelat of Building Aspirations
Suppose that you’ve been in business for a few years and you’ve collected 100000 contacts. This email marketing list represents significant future opportunities for you. Now by simply executing focused targeted marketing to these individuals you can increase the lifetime value of these professional relationships. The majority of your marketing dollars can be invested in maintaining your email marketing, social media and content management systems. This does take time, energy, and investment to development, but it is worth it.

Google ads – You need to control your connections

You must connect with your prospects in a meaningful way, provide them value and maintain that relationship. So, please focus on marketing for leads, not customers. Somebody might find you via an online ad and like your product or service, but not enough to purchase it immediately. Yet, they may subscribe to your newsletter. This is less risky for them. It provides them an opportunity to learn more about you over time. This is good. Now, you have the opportunity to send future communications to them in a more targeted way. They have opted into your email list, so they have demonstrated some level of commitment and interest in your offering. Now, subsequent marketing message are easier, more customized to them, and under your control. This is the key. You want control. If you cannot control it, you cannot manage it.

Your Next Steps

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