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Call to Action Mark Mikelat Building AspirationsCall to Action

by Mark Mikelat president of
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You need a powerful call to action. In your marketing, you must have a clear, concise and specific call to action. Your marketing message might speak to the wonders of the product, but does it tell your prospect what you want them to do? Perhaps they should visit your store. Maybe you want them to call or click. You must have a specific request to elicit a specific response. Enjoy this short article – The Philosophy to a Great Call to Action.

Call to action – Make sure to have one
First of all, make sure to have a call to action. It might be obvious to you that you want the reader of your marketing advertisement to buy something, but it might not be clear to them. Here is a quick test to verify your sales copy. Read your marketing copy as a true novice with no knowledge or experience of your product. Do you know what the marketing ad wants you to do? Does it specifically and explicitly say what to do, or is it just implied? A confusing or ambiguous call to action will result in lackluster results. Frustratingly, even when clients have a call to action they fail to support it.

Call to action – Make sure to support it

Call To Action Mark Mikelat Building AspirationsYou need to be ready to support the action that you request in your call to action. This sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Sadly, I can provide you countless examples of where copywriters have made serious mistakes. A couple of months ago I was reading the website of a charitable organization. In my ten minutes of website perusal, they requested again and again that I ‘call them.’ What was missing from the website? You guessed it: there was no phone number. Not only must you have a clear and supported call to action, but also work to have only one.

Call to action – Have only one

Do not confuse your target market with too many choices at the outset. As consumers we appreciate, and almost demand multiple choices. Yet, this can be a slippery slope when used in your marketing. Let us suppose that you are in the business of kitchen remodeling. You help people turn a basic kitchen into a fabulous kitchen. Your offer should focus on the idea of a new kitchen. Although you might have 96 different styles of kitchen that you could offer them, it would be ridiculous to present these options immediately. Perhaps the offer encourages them to set an appointment. “Are you ready to change up your tired old kitchen? Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation.” The person calls, or does not call. The purchase decision comes later.

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Call to Action – Make it obvious and specific

Also, your call to action should be very obvious. If you want specific action, you specifically request that action. If you want the person to call, your message should be “Call us today at (562) 883 2734.” Vague language may not work for you. Something like “Remember us when you are ready to refinance” is not really what you want. Do you really want them to “remember” you or, would you prefer that they call you?

Call to action – Make it prominent
Make your call to action easy to find. We live in a very short-term, right now society. We do not pay attention. We want our phones to customize themselves, our barista to know our order, and our movies to be available on-demand. We are very impatient. So, your offer must be very easy and quick to find. If you have payment buttons, make them big. Make sure that your fonts are easy to read. Use white space or contrasting colors to make your call to action ‘pop’ on the page.

Call to Action – Test it

When it doubt test your marketing, and then test it again. Try a red payment button. Try a blue payment button. Say it one way. Say it another way. The best recipes are not tried once; they are tested, changed, and retested again and again. It can be time consuming, but such is the nature of marketing.

Call to Action – Next Steps

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