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    Call for Speakers

    Conferences in Need of Speakers

    Mark Mikelat - Small Business MentorConferences in Need of Speakers

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    If you are a professional speaker, want to be a professional speaker, or you are creating your professional speaking business, this post is for you. I share professional speaking leads on the Speaker Lounge Facebook page. These are conferences that have listed calls for speakers. There are conference planners who need expert speakers to speak at their events. Click here to go directly to the Speaker Lounge on Facebook.

    These are “Calls for Speakers.”

    What is a Call for Speakers? This is a public request, by a meeting planner, for professional speakers to apply to speak at a conference. You can think of this as a job posting for speakers. Sometimes these are distributed via press releases, message boards, or more commonly now, via websites and social media. Sometimes planners send me the requests directly. I post these call for speakers on the Speaker Lounge Facebook Page.

    Why do I share these professional speaking leads?

    I give away speaking leads, and I have been doing so since 2008. Every once in a while I share about the vision for Speaker Lounge because there are always new people visiting. I started in the speaking industry by speaking at college leadership events. The planners and students loved me and they would call me and often ask for referrals to other speakers. They liked my message, but they sometimes had an event such as a Women or Diversity Leadership event where I was not the best candidate. I referred people because I didn’t fit and it was the right thing to do. So, now years later, and I am still doing it. I have away the speaking leads and I enjoy doing it.

    Are these paid opportunities?

    Mark Mikelat - Corporate Speaker
    Typically, no, there is no compensation for speaking at these events. Most of these opportunities are non-paying. If you are starting in your professional speaking career this is a great way to help the conference attendees, the meeting planners and yourself all at the same time. If you are an expert speaker, with a thriving business, and an established brand, this service is NOT for you.

    What is the benefit of speaking?

    Mark Mikelat - Corporate Speaker
    Would you appear on a TV newscast for no pay? Would you be interviewed on CNN, ESPN, or the Today Show if you were not compensated? I suspect that a good number of you would answer in the affirmative, because this marketing exposure would be of value. So, if you need more marketing credibility, and exposure to build your brand, these opportunities could be for you.

    How do you apply to speak?

    Click on the links in the postings on the Speaker Lounge Facebook page. Just read the information and follow the instructions.

    Here is a short, but sweet success recipe.

    1) Read all of leads and see what matches your expertise.
    2) Read the proposal instructions
    3) Submit a great proposal with supporting video clips, testimonials, and links that document your expert status
    4) Follow up with the meeting planner and answer any questions that they might have
    5) Give a great program. Speak from the heart, engage the audience, enlighten them and educate them.

    Remember to Keep the Meeting Planner Happy

    Keep those conference staff members happy. Of course you need to wow the audience, but you need to support the event too. If there are room changes, equipment failures, or changes to the plan, go with it. Be helpful, be considerate and be professional. The planners will remember that you helped out during a crisis. Let your competition complain. Let them create a negative impression in the planner’s mind, while you are creating a positive one.

    If you Need Business Coaching

    Mark Mikelat - Business Mentoring and CoachingIf this seems daunting to you, no worries, I can coach you through the process. I can coach you to help you build your speaking, training, consulting or coaching business. I have designed a program for the motivated beginners. If your speaking calendar is full or your checks large, this program is not for you.

    I am Mark Mikelat, a professional speaker and the founder of the Aspirations Message, a values-based success system to help you in Building Aspirations. If you need a mentor to help coach you, visit this page to learn more about my business mentoring.

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