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Mark Mikelat is the founder and owner of Building Aspirations, a small business marketing company, focused on providing high value solutions to small business in the areas of online marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing.

Mark is an online marketing expert, speaker, consultant, and author, has extensive experience in marketing and sales strategy. He has successfully consulted with corporations all throughout the world in sales channel development, sales systems implementation, marketing strategy, social media marketing and email marketing.

Some of his clients have included Microsoft, Coach Luxury Brands, Hewlett Packard, the Los Angeles School District and many others.


His humorous programs are jam-packed with actionable and practical advice that business leaders can put into action immediately to increase their sales and win more clients and grow their businesses. He is the author of multiple books.

Mark Mikelat as a Business Mentor and Consultant
Small Business Success Mentoring in Sales and Marketing Strategy

Mark Mikelat Business Consultant TeamAs a business consultant, Mark works with small business leaders to turn their energy and enthusiasm into wildly successful and profitable business strategies.

Here are just two of his recent client success stories.

Mark Mikelat Business Consulting DebraMark Mikelat served as Deborah Gardner’s book consultant to publish, market, and distribute her book, How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress.

This well crafted book serves as a powerful motivational tool for sales professionals in the hospitality industry.

By using some of the expert sells strategies suggested by Mark, Debra was even able to pre-sell copies of the book before it was even completed. The book was profitable before it was even completed.

Mark Mikelat Business Mentoring Debra Book
Have you ever wanted to write a book?

This is a powerful way to market yourself, your business and your product. This is strong credibility builder, and some of the best marketing material that you can ever create. It documents to the world that you are an expert.

Your book says to the world:

I am an Expert!

Capturing the Moment with Kathleen ReederKathleen’s story is also a powerful one, packed with success stories from a passionate and motivated professional with world-class skills in photography, and a compassion for animals.

Since working with Mark, Kathleen, of Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography, has increased the fees for her photography workshops, without experiencing a drop in registration.

Kathleen originally contacted Mark to help her write, publish and market a photography book. She was able to accomplish this and much, much more.

Here are just some of the additional accomplishments achieved:

● Published her book – Capturing the Moment
● Launched a specialty workshop series for bird watchers
● Sold out photography workshops 1 year in advance
● Expanded photography workshops to two additional wildlife parks
● Launched not one, but two African Safari Photography workshops

Mark Mikelat Business Consultant Kathleen

Mark Mikelat as a Keynote Conference Speaker

MarkMikelatMark Mikelat has the unique ability to inspire and excite a crowd with real-world advice. He has spoken at banquets and conventions with audiences larger than 1000 people and has the ability to entertain a packed house while providing actionable advice to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

Mark Mikelat Speaker
● Accomplished speaker
● Great story teller
● Powerfully inspirational
● 7 years of professional speaking experience
● Actionable and practical advice
● Leaves the audience laughing while learning

Mark knows conferences need great messages and he provides that every time.

His Aspirations message works well in many different environments because it cuts to the core of what people truly want.

Mark Mikelat Speaker at Thrive Conferences
He has presented marketing, and business strategy concepts to small business owners multiple times at the annual Thrive Business Conference.

Here is a sample video including attendee testimonials.

Mark Mikelat Wax Show Speaker

He had the distinction of being the only man to present at the Wax Show a professional conference for business owners in the esthetician industry. His presentation on strategic social media marketing was a big hit.

Mark Mikelat as a Chamber and Association Speaker

Mark is a big hit with local business chambers, associations and professional groups, and sometimes he comes back again and again because the members cannot get enough of his energy and highly-valued business tips

MarkMikelat Professional Speaker at Chambers

Click here for more specifics about hiring Mark Mikelat to speak on your next professional Chamber of Commerce event.

Mark Mikelat as a College Leadership and Career Speaker


Mark Mikelat College StudentsHe has also spoken on many college campus in events sponsored by Associated Student Groups, professional societies, student activity funds, career development departments and fraternal and leadership development organizations.

Mark Mikelat Aspirations FlyerIf you need some powerfully practical content for a college leadership, or career development event, Mark Mikelat, is the speaker for you.

Topics include:
● How to Get a Job Over Lattes
● Aspirations – Achieving What You Want In Life
● How to Be the Leader Even If You Are Not The Manager
● How to Have a Successful Career Even If You Forgot Your Major
● How You Can Be The Change In The World

Here is a short list of some of the colleges, and universities where Mark Mikelat has spoken:

Mark Mikelat Business Week at Truman
Arizona State University
California State University – Fullerton
Colorado State University
Long Beach City College
Long Beach State University
Loyola Marymount University
Ohio State University – Miami
Redlands University
Texas A and M University
Truman State University
UCLA – University of California Los Angeles
University of Arizona
University of Chicago
University of North Texas
University of Riverside
University of Nevada – Las Vegas
USC – University of Southern CA

Mark Mikelat as a Corporate and Business Trainer

Mark Mikelat as Corporate TrainerWith several years of on-site training experience, Mark has demonstrated success in providing training in the corporate environment. He has designed and delivered both standard and custom content and is familiar with different training media. These include CBT, web conferencing, and videoconferencing.

Mark Mikelat CSULB Business InstructorHe is a business presenter in the California State University College of Continuing and Corporate Education Program. He was taught in the Human Resources Certification Program for multiple years, providing human resources managers training strategies for implementation programs to support workforce development, leadership development, and effective management.

He also developed and presented leadership curriculum for visiting Chinese business dignitaries in US-styled business leadership and decision-making practices. These trainings were partially sponsored by the Chinese government, and performed live through a translator.

The following is a short list of Mark’s corporate training clients:

Acxiom, San Mateo, CA
Auditor General Office of CA, Santa Ana, CA
Bank of America, Atlanta, GA
Department of Transportation, Phoenix, AZ
Digital Impact, San Jose, CA, San Francisco, CA
Higher Octave Music, Malibu, CA
Hong Kong Trade Development Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
IBM Santa Teresa Laboratories, San Jose, CA
Laufen AG, Basel, Switzerland (in German)
Lehman Brothers National Bank, New York, NY
MineShare, Santa Monica, CA
National Tobacco Corporation of China, Long Beach, CA
Union National Bank, Los Angeles, CA
Wachovia National Bank, Winston-Salem, NC

Mark Mikelat Constant Contact Solutions Providr

As an accredited solutions partner and authorized local expert for the Constant Contact Corporation, Mark has performed numerous trainings on email marketing and social media marketing for small business leaders.

Mark Mikelat SCORE Mentor Workshop Presenter Orange CountyAs a SCORE mentor workshop presenter, Mark has provided live, interactive seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions to small business leaders on marketing, sales and business development strategies
Mark Mikelat SCORE Mentor Workshop Presenter Los Angeles

Mark Mikelat Selaco LogoHe has presented many career development trainings at SELACO, a workforce investment board office focused on helping people develop their careers. His program, How to Get a Job Over Lattes, was extremely well received to jam-packed rooms.

Mark Mikelat as an Author

Mark Mikelat BooksMark has authored two books, and often holds book signings, such as at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
50 Tips for Effective Networking is a career development and networking guide for business professionals.

Aspirations: Achieving What Your Want for Yourself and Your Life is a personal and professional empowerment book.

Mark Mikelat Festival of Books Book Signing

Below is a video of the book signing.


Mark Mikelat How to Go to College for Free

Mark also writes on job search, and career success for college students and recent graduates. One of his articles “How to Go to College for Free” was published in a national fraternal magazine.

Mark Mikelat as a Media Professional

Mark on television

Mark Mikelat in the TV Media Wright Place TV
Mark Mikelat is an excellent tv show guest. He is very comfortable in front of the camera and he has had media training. He knows how to hold an engaging interview and be a good interviewee with short, specific, and sound-bite answers.

Mark is proud to be working with The Wright Place TV Show in the development of marketing content for small business success.

If you an expert guest for your television show on the topics of Marketing and Small Business Success, please contact Mark Mikelat today. .

Mark Mikelat Solve It Siters TV HostIn early 2013, Mark shot a TV pilot for a business talk show entitled Solve It Sisters. Mark had the unique responsibility of being the male business perspective on this talk show for women entrepreneurs.

Although the pilot was not picked up, Mark continues to work with the program’s producer on other ideas.

Mark Mikelat was interviewed by German TVMark Mikelat has been interviewed for TV many times, including by the German TV station DF. This specific interview was performed in English and in German for different target markets. This was done without the use of a translator.

Mark Mikelat Media and Producer TrainingMark has had media and producer training at the Charter TV public access broadcasting studio, the production facility for Long Beach TV. Rest assured that Mark understands the unique requirements of television show taping and even when taping a live segment, you can be confident that he will perform well.

Mark Mikelat as a Media Professional
Mark on Radio

Mark is very relaxed and poised while on the radio and he has been interviewed many times. Here are two examples.

Mark Mikelat Powerfull Living LogoMark was an expert guest on the Powerfull Living Radio Show as an authority on career development and success for college students.

Mark Mikelat Speaker Services LogoMark was an expert guest on the Speaker Services Radio Show as an authority on successful marketing strategies for professional speakers.

Mark Mikelat as a Media Professional
Mark on Streaming Media

Mark Mikelat Career Advisor JobingHe has filmed a series of 31 career development instructional videos for, a lead career development website.

Click here for an example of a career development video entitled, When Has the Clock Not Been an Issue.

Mark Mikelat as Leadership Foundation Board Member

He also produced a webinar entitled $10,000 Fundraisers, for the Leadership Foundation of Delta Sigma Pi, an international business and leadership development program for college students.

Mark Mikelat as Business College Instructor

Mark Mikelat as College Instructor2Mark Mikelat has been teaching college business courses for several years as an adjunct business faculty member, or business lecturer.

Mark has multiple years of experience teaching college business courses. He is presently adjunct faculty at Long Beach City College, on extended sabbatical. And, he is also teaching in the corporate and continuing education program at California State University, Long Beach.

Some of his courses have included:

● International Banking and Finance
● Import Export Management
● Introduction to International Business
● Introduction to General Business
● Training Strategies for Human Resource Professionals

He has taught business subjects at the following colleges:

● Long Beach City College
● University of California, Irvine
● California State University, Long Beach
● Cerritos College

Mark Mikelat as Entrepreneurial Instructor
Mark was a business instructor in the Youth Entrepreneurial Program at Long Beach City College. This was in cooperation with the Governor of California’s statewide business development program. Mark Mikelat was selected as one of a select few to launch this program.

Mark Mikelat as Instructor at LbccHe partnered with SBDC, Long Beach City College, Long Beach Connected Corridor, and local business partners to implement a comprehensive, 9-week modularized program to empower young students to successfully create their own businesses.

Here are some happy program graduates.

Mark Mikelat as College Instructor

Mark Mikelat as an Emcee

Mark Mikelat as EmceeMark’s affable and crowd-pleasing presence enables him to speak in an entertaining, enticing and intriguing manner. He’s equally capable of following a pre-determined script or adlibbing, as the situation requires. With very little direction, he can create content with comical stories that connect to the audience and event.

The following is a short list of Mark’s most memorable emceeing success stories:
● Miss Long Beach Pageant
● Miss Greater Los Angeles USA Pageant
● Family Aids Network Charitable Auction (raised $16,000 for charity)
● 50th Anniversary Banquet of Delta Sigma Pi, Arizona State University

Do you have an event that needs a seasoned, professional, and charismatic emcee? If so, Contact Mark Mikelat today.

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