YouTube Marketing Tips to Impress Every Time

YouTube Marketing Tips

Marketing on YouTube

YouTube Marketing Tips to Impress Every Time

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations

Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that you can implement. People love videos. People love engaging with videos. And this marketing method fits very well with our right-now, instant and impatient society. If you are not doing video marketing, you need to get started. In this short article I will provide you some YouTube Marketing Tips to Impress Every Time.

YouTube Marketing Tips – Why YouTube?

YouTube Marketing Tips by Mark MikelatThe primary reason that you need to start with YouTube is really a one word answer. Google. Google owns YouTube. Your videos can appear in Google keyword searches. This means that when someone is searching for your keywords, your videos might be displayed in the search results. The video needs to be optimized and titled properly for this to happen, but presently, you can accomplish this without paying for the placement. When you are engaging in pay-per-click you need to pay Google, whereas a YouTube video can provide you natural or organic SEO.

YouTube Marketing Tips – Start your YouTube Channel

How do you actually get started on YouTube? First you need to create an account. You can create a YouTube account for free. This account includes your YouTube channel. The visuals on your channel page should be similar to those on your website. In other words, you need to adhere to your brand. This means, not only your visuals, but also the communicative style of your company. If you are serious, be serious. If you are whimsical, be whimsical. The manner in which you communicate to people in your business needs to be consistent everywhere, including on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Marketing Tips – YouTube Videos vs. Facebook Live

What about Facebook Live? You are likely seeing more and more videos on Facebook recently. This is because Facebook is a competitor to Google, the owner of YouTube. Facebook is competing with their version of video marketing. Should you do Facebook Live videos? Yes, you MIGHT benefit from Facebook Live videos, but I KNOW, that will can benefit from Facebook videos, so I recommend that you start there. You can post YouTube videos and share them on Facebook.

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YouTube Marketing Tips – You Do Not Need to Be on Video

YouTube Marketing Tips by Mark MikelatI can sense resistance by some of you. “Mark, I don’t want to be on video!” I didn’t say that you needed to be on video. I said you needed to do video marketing. There is a difference. I want you to build rapport and trust and a long-lasting relationship with your customers and clients, and the more and more they physically see you, the easier this is to accomplish. Yet, I understand that you don’t want to be on video. Being recorded on video can be intimidating. I understand. Let me offer you some examples of how you can do video marketing without ever physically being on a video.

YouTube Marketing Tips – 3 Quick Ideas for Video Creation

Here are some ways you can create videos without ever being on video. First, ask your customers and clients to give you video testimonials. If they had a great experience with you, their enthusiasm could be captured in a short video. Don’t be too elaborate with this. Can you hire a camera crew and rent a studio to create super high quality videos? Yes, of course you can, but you can also take out your smartphone and do a quick 30-second video and post it online immediately. Please realize that I am focused on quick and easy solutions for you. In general, higher quality videos are better, but I also believe that done is better than perfect. Secondly, you could do screen captures or record a webinar of a PowerPoint presentation. This type of video is more appropriate if your products and services are more complex and require more consumer education. Thirdly, you can also create animation videos. These are short, possibly even black and white cartoon-like videos. Pick what works for you and your business and get going.

YouTube Marketing Tips – How to Drive Results

I am an extraordinary results oriented and practical individual. I want your video marketing to be entertaining. I need your video marketing to provide you business. Every one of your videos needs to have a call to action. You need to tell people specifically what you want them to do. The ultimate goal is revenue, but typically sometime comes before that. Maybe people need to make an appointment with you, call you, or download something. You need to tell people what to do: click, call, or download. The specific type of call to action will be dependent upon the overall strategy of your business and the specifics of your target market.

YouTube Marketing Tips – Create a Video Publishing System

You need to put your video marketing into action with a system, and this includes creating videos on a regular and consistent basis. You do not go to the gym and exercise once. Benefits come over time with persistent action. Whether it is once a day once a week or once a month, you need to create a rhythm for your video marketing. But how often should you create videos? The actual number is really depends your strategy. If you are selling products that people use daily, and then the proper video strategy might include daily videos.

YouTube Marketing Tips – How to Put This Together Into a Full Strategy

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