Why the World Needs You to Write Your Book

Mark Mikelat, Book Coach for Small Business Success

Why the World Needs You to Write Your Book

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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So many people have a desire to write a book. Are you one of them? From years of experience with goal setting workshops and business mentoring, I have learned that this is a wish for many people. My goal here is to change that desire into a reality. You need to write your book. The world needs you to write your book.

You have something to say

There is something inside of you that can help people. The expertise, the perspective, and the knowledge that you can impart to the world can make it a better place. You have friends and co-workers who come to you. You are a source of inspiration, motivation, or support. You provide them what they need, and we all have that ability. We all have something to say. We all have different skills, different out-looks and different ways to say it, and we must. Yet, the world cannot benefit from your wisdom if you sit in silence.

The world needs to hear from you

Your silence accomplishes nothing. It keeps you safe and comfortable. Please do not discount your worth. What is seemingly immaterial to you could be life changing to somebody else. You might think that raising five kids is no big deal, but sharing your parenting wisdom and superhero-like budgeting skills with the world, in a book, could change the lives of families for the better. Somebody needs the help that you have to share.

We need more solutions

We know that the world is a sea of problems. One simply needs to visit a news blog, open a newspaper, or click a button on their tv remote control to be instantly aware of the tragedy in our man’s inhumanity to man themed world. You can sit and become stressed, frustrated and even angry, or you can work to resolve a problem. If you share your wisdom in a book, it can travel around the world. You can be the solution to a problem. If you have frustration and irritation with something that you think can be solved, that is your internal voice telling you to write your book. Share your solution.

Your book can speak for you

The book can speak for you even when you are not there. People can read your words again and again. They can place your book on a shelf as a trusted tool to refer to again and again, or even carry instant access to your book via a click on their phone. You can always be there to help people, without actually being there. And, a book can live on, long after you.

Your book is a legacy

Once you are an author, you are an author. There is no “I was an author.” Once your book is out there, it helps people and continues to help people. Your status as an author does not change. And, imagine the symbolic power this can have to the people around you. When your friends and loved ones see your dedication and commitment come to completion in the form of a book, you are a living example of accomplishment. You did it, so they can too.

Your excuses are totally valid, but do it anyway

We all have an infinite inventory of excuses as to why we cannot do something. I will not even attempt to counter your excuses, but rather agree with them all. Every excuse that you have in your head is a totally valid, and a legitimate obstacle as to why you cannot write a book. I 100% totally agree with you. Do it anyway.

How to Get Started

I have written and published two books, and along my book writing journey I have met many experts. There are many ethical, passionate, and genuine people are there who are ready to help you. I would like to introduce you to one such professional. He is focused and motivated for the success of authors. His name is Rick Frishman and every few months he holds the Author 101 University. I have attended six times, and I am encouraging you to attend this one too, in October of 2014 in Los Angeles. We will meet publishers, book agents, literary agents, editors, book covers artists, movie producers, television promoters and a score of other experts who can help you take an idea, turn it into a book, and super charge it. Please come to Author 101 University. Meet me there.

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