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Mark Mikelat Word of Mouth Marketing7 More Ideas to Supercharge Your Word of Mouth Marketing

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing that you can have. People talk about you with their friends, and friends trust the recommendations of their friends. This type of marketing provides you a mini-celebrity endorsement. You need to encourage more word of mouth marketing in your business. Enjoy this short article – 7 More Ideas to Supercharge Your Word of Mouth Marketing.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 1) Create a Wow-experience

First and foremost, you must create a Wow-experience. Focus on your customer and client and provide them an experience that is memorable and worthy of a story. This is not just a discount. Sure, friends might talk about super discounts with their friends, but I would rather that they speak about your stellar quality, great customer service, or excellent selection. Think backwards. If you were your own customer, what would be a Wow-experience? You might be able to kick-start this with a contest.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 2) Use Contests

People love contests. They are fun, intriguing and get people talking. Contests work particularly well when integrated with social media. Create a contest and reward people for sharing an experience about visiting your store. They could also post a picture of themselves holding or using your product. If you need software to manage this, Constant Contact has a contest option in their social campaigns feature. Contests on social media are really a way to ask people to share.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 3) Ask people to share

Mark Mikelat - Word of Mouth MarketingSimply ask people to share a comment about their experience with you and your company. This is incredibly valuable if they are an influencer. Imagine that a popular fashion blogger, with a huge daily readership, really liked your jewelry pieces and promoted you in an article. They are sharing their experience with their readers because people naturally want to do that. We want to provide our friends, fans, readers, and followers the positive experience that we had. To make sharing even more valuable, share with pictures.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 4) Create a photo collage

Mark Mikelat - Word of Mouth Marketing (4)Sharing pictures on Social Media is a great idea. You can really pump it up by sharing a collage of photos. Encourage your customers and fans to share photos creatively. I have found this most valuable for events. If you have a conference, a store opening, a product launch party, or a live product demo, encourage the attendees to take photos and post them, possibly in a photo collage. Here is a great list of photo collage apps on Android. Here is a list of photo collage apps for the iPhone. The posting of photos is a type of user generated content.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 5) User generated content

We always need more content. You need to update your social media. You need to send out your enewsletter. You need to blog. Where does all of the content come from? What do you write about? YOU don’t need to write it. User generated content could be a great way to encourage some word of mouth marketing. An example might be guest blogging. Ask a fan of your company to write your next blog post as a guest. They will share their perspective and your readers will appreciate the different viewpoint. This makes your marketing messages more sharable.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 6) Make the message sharable

A good marketing message is like a good joke, it gets shared. You want, and need people to share your message. Encourage this and create your message with that intent in mind. For example, on Twitter you might ask for a retweet and make your messages short enough so that people share them via retweets without anything being truncated. On Facebook you could ask people to click the share button.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tip 7) Monitor, measure and manage

Mark Mikelat - Word of Mouth MarketingAs with all of your marketing, you must monitor, measure and manage. You can really turbo-charge these individual ideas with targeted ads. For example, Facebook has comprehensive targeting tools that could place your contest promotion in front of your more desired prospects. Yet, you need to know what works and work does not, and this means you need to track the results and make adjustments. Your marketing is not ‘set it and forget it.’ You must track what works with specific analytics and manage it, or take corrective action when needed. If an idea works, keep doing it. If something does not work, stop doing it.

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