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    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    James Bond, or 007 is a secret agent, and he is really good at marketing. Why? Isn’t a secret agent supposed to be secret? A secret agent knows the power of marketing. You might be good, or great, but if nobody knows about, it doesn’t matter. You can be a secret agent; just do not let your business be a secret. Enjoy this short article about how to use a secret agent strategy to not have your marketing be a secret – 007, James Bond, and Secret Marketing.

    What is Secret Marketing?

    A good number of small businesses practice secret marketing. What is this? It is marketing that nobody knows about. It is a secret. You might have a great brochure that nobody has reads. That is secret marketing. You might have a welcoming website that nobody visits. That is secret marketing. You might have email campaigns that nobody opens and reads. That is secret marketing. Your marketing should never be a secret. We want everybody to know about your business and more importantly, tell other people about it. This is the Secret to Secret Marketing. You do not want to be the secret that nobody talks about. You want to be the secret that people MUST talk about.

    How to NOT Be a Secret

    You must provide something in your business that is talk-worthy. People talk. They talk about good products, good services, special deals and great customer service. You must encourage people to talk about you and your business. A secret business is a business planning for bankruptcy. To NOT be a secret, you must engage, entice, motivate, and inspire. People do not do business with businesses. People do business with people. Make a human connection. Share a bit of you in your business. If are funny, but funny in your marketing. If you have a strong faith, share it in your marketing. Create ways that makes it easy for people to share your secret. Social Media Marketing is a very cost-effective way to accomplish this. The entire medium is focused on sharing. Encourage your customers and clients to share your marketing messages on social media. You can help this along by using gadgets.

    Use 007-like gadgets

    Mark Mikelat - Business ConsultantJames Bond used gadgets. He had lighters that shot lasers, shoes with knives, and a cornucopia of other creative gadgets befitting the dangerous work of being a global spy. You need marketing gadgets. What is a marketing gadget? It is anything that creatively gets the attention and focus of your target market. A contest on Facebook could be a gadget. A creative tagline that gets and keeps a client’s attention could be a gadget. It might be an email campaign with a powerfully enticing subject line that piques your customer’s curiosity to read your message. That creative subject line is a gadget. Along with these gadgets, you need the swagger or the charisma of James Bond.

    Have 007-charisma

    Mark Mikelat - Business ConsultantYour business needs to connect with people. Your social media followers, email subscribers, and fans need to have a reason to follow you. That is business charisma. You need to provide them something and it needs to be more than the deal. The gadgets are necessary, but not sufficient without the charisma. This could be your superior customer service, attention to details, creative style or your attentiveness. And, it is not price. James Bond would bet a pile of money at baccarat, while wearing his tuxedo, and drinking his martini. His James Bond-ness, his charisma, was magnetic. You need to determine your marketing magnetism and implement it for your business. This is an integral part of your plan.

    Have a plan

    Mark Mikelat - Business Mentoring for Small Business GrowthMost importantly, James Bond always had a plan. He knew where he was traveling, why he was going there, whom he was going to meet and why. There were unforeseen circumstances such as poisonous women or villains with machine guns, but he always had a plan to evade them. Your marketing plan will not always work. Your competition will block you. There will also be environmental factors. Laws might change, or emergency repairs or large expenses may work to complicate your marketing efforts. Like James Bond, you must be ready for these challenges. To be more successful in your business, be more like a crafty secret agent. Just do not have your marketing be a secret.

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