Website Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Website Seo

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Website Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Website Seo

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations.

Are you making marketing mistakes on your website? Do you even know? Your website speaks about you. It introduces your business to your market. But, good website design can be confusing for business owners. And then, of course there is the challenge of SEO. How can you make Google love your website? Read on to learn Common Website Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

Website SEO – 1. Failure to Market Your Website

Website seo with Mark MikelatAccording to statistics from the SBA, only 51% of small businesses have websites. So, first of all, have a website. But, that is not enough. You need to market it. Yes, you need to market your marketing. You need to drive traffic to your website.

Most businesses with websites fail to market them. They assume that websites can automatically generate huge traffic. However, with millions of websites hosted on the internet, you can easily drown in a sea of competition. A website without traffic is dead because it lacks leads and thus no sales. A good website that is not read, is really not a good website.

Why Google is King

Website seo with Mark MikelatGoogle ranks websites on search result pages. It makes your website accessible even with millions of similar pages on the internet. The key is investing in search engine optimization. This means that the design and content of the website is appealing to a reader, but also to Google. The trick is knowing how to speak two languages: Human, and Google. It’s important to use white hat SEO techniques and high quality, authority content to rank well on Google search pages. Basically, the white hat is for good guys, and the black hat is for bad guys.

Website SEO – 2. Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques

Using black hat techniques to trick Google and other search engines to rank your website on search results pages for certain keywords can land you in trouble. Although you’ll get instant gains and high traffic to your website, it won’t last. Google invests millions to fight cheating in the online marketing world. Google knows how to find the cheaters.

When Google finds you, it penalizes or bans your website. It ruins your website reputation, potencially killing your online marketing efforts. Therefore, avoid the mistake of using quick-fix techniques to get instant results that barely last. If you find a SEO expert who has an offer that seems too good to be true, they might be using a black hat, or nefarious strategy to get you a higher Google ranking. That cheat could be disastrous.

Invest in various white hat SEO techniques such as blogging and engaging your prospects to promote your website and gain long-term results. This blog post is an example of a white hat SEO strategy.

Why You Must Blog

Website seo with Mark MikelatGoogle loves fresh, high quality content. Creating authority content and posting on your website’s blog can earn you a top position in search engine result pages for the keywords you rank for. The grammar and spelling in your content must be good. Write creative, interesting and valuable content your audience will love reading and want to share with others.

Blogging won’t just earn your website a good reputation, but also drive organic traffic to your website. It gives you the opportunity to generate leads and convert sales for increased ROI. Blogging is a good way to engage in Google optimization efforts and be seen as an authority brand in your niche market.

Website SEO – 3. Not Optimizing Your Website for Specific Keywords

Failure to use specific keywords relevant to your niche is an ingredient for unsuccessful marketing campaigns. Without proper SEO optimization for specific keywords, your website becomes unreachable in the pool of millions of websites available online.

The Keys to Keyword Research

Website SEO is all about optimizing for certain keywords. When users do searches online, they use certain keywords to find what they’re looking for. Find the keywords your audience or prospects use when searching for products, services or information relevant to what you offer. Pick one or two keywords to optimize your website.

Website seo with Mark MikelatVarious tools exist online to help you find the most searched keywords or search phrases in your niche market. Consider Moz website SEO tools and Adwords to find the right keywords for your website optimization needs. Use a combination of short and long tail keywords for maximum results.

When using the keywords in your content, stay within the keyword volume limit. Google allows a keyword density of 1% to 3%. However, when creating content, focus on the quality and value of your articles or videos.

Realize that keyword research and optimization, although important, might not be the best use of your time and staff resources. I can help with those efforts. Simply click on the orange button at the bottom of this post to schedule a telephone consultation.

Connect with me on Social Media

Website SEO – 4. Overlooking the Power of Social Media Platforms

Failure to link your website to social sites is also a recipe for unsuccessful marketing efforts. Create business profiles on sites such as Twitter and Facebook to gain a huge social following of potential customers. Add buttons to social media platforms on your website pages to encourage your visitors to share your content with their networks.

How to Accomplish Website SEO Quickly & Easily

Website seo with Mark MikelatThere’s no short cut to Google optimization. Use white hat SEO techniques to optimize your web pages for higher ranking on search engine result pages. Create high quality, engaging content and posts on your website. Engage your audience on social media platforms to start conversations about your brand.

Do guest posts and provide your audience with all the information they might need about your company such as contact details. Optimize your website for local searches and post fresh content on your blog often.

Website SEO – 5. Seek Expert Help

Effective website SEO can drive organic traffic to your website. Assess your audience for lead generation and sales conversion. Don’t forget to find your target market and segment your audience. If you can avoid these common SEO optimization mistakes when optimizing your website, expect to gain more leads and increase your sales.

How to Put This Together Into a Full Strategy

Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationWhat are your next steps? This is just one short blog post. You need expert help. This all needs to be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, and I can help. I offer a no-cost phone consultation for qualified clients. I want you to get started today. Contact me today.

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