VIP Training Day

VIP Training Day

A Full Day of Business Strategy Training Customized to You

Mark Mikelat - Business Strategy Training

Are you stuck in analysis paralysis?

Are you almost done, and have been almost done for about 2, 3, or even 9 years?

Are you ready and focused, but somehow confused and lacking in direction at the same time?

Do you just need somebody to show you what to do?

Would you like to sit with a real person who really knows what they are talking about?

NO WORRIES…. I am Mark Mikelat and I can help you address these issues and many more in the VIP Training Day. I have been mentoring and coaching business owners for years, and there is such a need to just cut through the fluff and get to the important stuff.

Mark Mikelat - VIP TrainingWhat is the VIP Day? The VIP Training Day is a jam-packed, no-nonsense day of practical, success proven, and actionable tactics that you need to make your business more successful. This is an 8-hour day of personalize, customized marketing and sales training with me Mark Mikelat. This a 1:1, live, and intensive training at one of my Southern California offices, either in Tustin, Long Beach, or Santa Monica.

Can you fly out for this? Yes, and we will work with you to save you money on your travel expenses. There are 6 different airports that you can use.

How does this work? First, I work with you via phone or video chat to learn about your business. I want to learn your vision, your mission, and your strategy. I want to understand where you are, where you want to go and what you see as the obstacles in your way. From this strategic business discovery call we create your VIP Day Agenda.

We cover the topics that you need at the level of detail that best suits you. This will be a full day of mixed instruction:

● Coaching
● Software Demonstration
● Strategy Development
● Brainstorming
● Scripting
● Action Plan Creation

You will leave the day will real instruction and a real plan that takes you where you need to go. You need to do the work, but I help you save an extraordinary amount of time, energy and money by teaching you best case strategies you can emulate and implement.

Mark Mikelat - VIP Training DayRemember, the agenda is specific to you. Here is an sample VIP Training Agenda from a recent training:

● Social Media and Website Audit
● Discussion of Unique Selling Proposition
● Sales Messaging Development
● Marketing Tools Review
● Lunch Break (Lunch is on Mark)
● Strategic Brainstorming Session
● Experts Plan Development
● Sales Presentation and Messaging Training
● Social Media Marketing Planning and Implementation

Mark Mikelat - VIP Training DayYou will learn the real strategies that you need for concrete results in your business. These tactics work, and I have trained senior managers in multiple corporations and countries, and I presently teach leadership and management strategy to visiting Chinese executives in the Leadership Development program at California State University Long Beach. Delegations plan months in advance and travel around the globe to get this instruction from me. You can get it in a 1:1 setting with content that is 100% customized to you.

My clients appreciate my teaching style, and my no-nonsense, results-oriented demeanor. I am the real deal. I want you to be a HUGE success, because, I want you to be a fan. I seriously want you to tell all of your colleagues about me and refer more students to me. This can only happen if I provide you an extraordinary experience. You need to leave the VIP Day with the confidence that you have received exceptional value.

Here are some other topic areas that we have helped clients with:

Mark Mikelat - VIP Training Day
● Targeted Marketing
● Branding Strategy
● Sales Funnel Management
● Email Marketing Strategy
● Lead Generation
● Staff Motivation
● Mindset Shifting
● Blogging
● Automation
● Productivity
● Professional Services Development
● Consulting Sales Strategy
● Product Development
● Book Publishing
● Workshop Development
● Launching a Speaking Career

Are you ready? The fee for this full day is a one-time payment of $1200 (USD). You can commit by clicking the button below to make your payment via the secured PayPal service.

Mark Mikelat - VIP Training DayAs of right now, we do not have a financing or payment plan. Also, because this is 100% customized to you, we cannot accommodate refunds. We are sensitive to the needs of changing schedules, so we can accommodate rescheduling for an administrative fee of $100.

This needs to be right for you, and we do not provide cookie cutter VIP Days. This is for you, customized to you and your business. This is how we make sure that this is right for you. Admittedly, this is a long day for some people, and if you need more flexibility, perhaps our mentoring program is a better match.

I wish you abundance and all the best in Building your Aspiration. I look forward to working with you.

Mark Mikelat
(562) 883 2734

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