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    Mark Mikelat - speaker on social media marketingThe Key to Social Media Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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    The key to social media marketing is staying top of mind. Sometimes it is just that simple. You cannot let your target market forget about you. Just remind them of yourself and the value that you can provide. A lot of my clients try to add complication. Simply tell people what you do and how you can help them. Enjoy the short article – The Key to Social Media Marketing.

    There is noise

    You need to get through the noise. What is noise? Noise is everything that distracts from your marketing message. This noise is your competition. All of the thoughts that prevent somebody from hearing your marketing message, represents noise. It could be traffic, the weather or sick kids. You might have the world’s best product, but if your reader cannot fully comprehend your marketing message because they are thinking about other things, you will fail. You need to get through this noise that exists in the minds of your potential customer. Short of perhaps hiring a hypnotist, you cannot easily change what they are thinking. What you need to do is keep sharing your marketing message until they are fully aware, present and listening. You can only do this with consistent, persistent and high-value messages that are focused on them.

    Stop talking about yourself

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    Please stop talking about yourself. Talk about them. Talk about how you help them. Talk about how you solve their problems. Talk about your benefits and solutions to their problems. Focus on them. The more your messages are focused on your target market, the more successful your marketing messages will be. The person receiving your message will begin to focus more and more on what you are saying because it is something that they need and want. They pay more and more attention and make your message more of a priority. When you create a higher priority for your messages, you create stickiness.

    Create stickiness

    Mark Mikelat - Social Media Marketing TrainingWhat is stickiness? I want your market to remember your products and services. I want your marketing messages to stick. Stickiness is created when you share content that is of value to your target market. If you market a product discount, let us say to your hair salon, you are simply providing a discount. If you share hair care tips that people can truly benefit from, you are creating stickiness. You are providing content to your market that provides high value for them. They want more, and they will come back to your blog, email newsletter, or Facebook page to get more great information. This is stickiness. Now, you have created a way to get through their noise.

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    Say it, and say it again

    You need to follow this strategy of providing high-value content again and again. You need to say it, say it again, and then say it again. Remember, it is not about you. It is about them, your target market. It is not about you providing the message, but rather, it is about them receiving it. Sometimes, you will need to say something again and again to get through the noise. Now, these repeated messages can get overwhelming. How many times have you told your kids to clean their room? It gets tiresome, right? You need a system that does not sap your energy.

    Create a system

    Mark Mikelat - Social Media MarketingYou need a strategic, goal-oriented and manageable system to get your messages to the target market. You cannot rely on just one attempt or one message. You are betting the bank that your target market will be totally noise-free, and ready to receive your single marketing message. A system of repetition is far more effective. Let us suppose that you differentiate yourself on your customer service. You need to remind your target market of this again and again in your social media marketing. Do it in different ways and on different channels that make sense for your target market. You can share customer service videos on YouTube, share customer service success stories on your blog, and share your customer service mantra on Facebook. When you create a system based on an expert plan, your social media marketing will be very successful.

    Get some expert help

    Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationThere is, was, and will be noise in the marketplace. You cannot avoid it, but you can manage it with a good social media marketing strategy. We can work with you and your marketing resources to create a strategy. We prefer working with established companies who are willing to create at least a 6-month project plan with us. Click the orange button to get the conversation started about how we can help you get through the marketing noise and reach your target market.

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