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Social Media Marketing Orange County - FacebookThe Key Value of Facebook

by Mark Mikelat president of
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Think Building Aspirations, when you think of social media marketing Orange County, CA. Facebook is very prolific and common social media platform. Because potential clients and customers are having conversations online, they may be taking about your products and services. A satisfied customer can easily refer potential new business to you by posting a link to your Facebook Business into a Facebook conversation that they are having with their friends.

Facebook Profile Set-up Instructions

Click here for the Facebook Business Page instructions directly from Facebook.

Facebook Set-up Tips

• A personal page is for you. A business page is for your business.
• Add a profile picture.
• Add a cover photo. This should be 828px in width by 315px in height. Your graphic artist can help with sizing.
• Your Business Name should be the name of your business. Even simple or small, or seemingly inconsequential differences are significant. For example, if you are ‘Rose Cafe and Bakery’ please do not enter your business name as ‘Rose Bakery.’ People may be confused about your business name.
• Enter short and long descriptions that are compelling and benefits rich for your target market.
• Enter your contact information including phone, and email address.
• Modify your settings to adjust your public interaction.
• Make sure that your URL is listed in the About Section.
• Make sure to add a short description of your business in the About Section.
• Consider adding additional social media links in your About Section.
• Add a call to action to your cover photo. Perhaps you want people to call you, or visit a specific website.
• Profile photo – Make sure it is consistent with your brand. Good profile photos might be a professional headshot, a simple logo, or a picture of a product.

Facebook Best Practices Usage Tips

1. Engage with your audience.
2. Monitor your page for comments and questions.
3. Push traffic to your online store, promotional page, or event registration landing.
4. Keep the comments fun, positive and professional.
5. Publicly comment on negative comments to show your attention to customer concerns. Follow mom’s expert advice and “Turn lemons into lemonade.”

Facebook Content Strategy

• Work with your marketing team to create a content strategy.
• Develop a content calendar to determine the best timing for postings.
• Measure and monitor the results, comments and engagement to determine what works and what does not.

Facebook Content Ideas

• Contests
• Short videos< • Visually powerful photos Next Steps for Social Media Marketing Orange County.

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