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Your Social Media Marketing Problem

● UGH! Social Media is crazy
● You do not know how to even get started
● It is intimidating
● It is very, too crazy, fast and always changing
● You do not have the time to figure out something new

Our Social Media Marketing Experience

● We have a dominate presence on social media
● We have successfully mastered Google-friendliness. Go ahead, Google ‘Mark Mikelat’ Check images too
● Social Media influence in the 95% percentile as listed by
● Social Media influence in the 90% percentile as listed by

We have solutions to your Social Media Marketing Problem

We offer the basic type of services. In management, we doing it for you. In training, we provide a customized one-time training for you and your staff, and you do it. In coaching, we maintain a longer term service relationship with you so that we can coach and mentor you along the way, but your staff will do the work.

Management Solutions – We do it all for you

We can manage all of your small business social media marketing needs for you. Typically, we encourage our clients to subscribe to the Constant Contact essential marketing solution. This service supports Facebook contests, coupon distribution on social media, and Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook integration for comprehensive social campaigns marketing. We customize your account set-up and configuration specifically to match your business’s brand and marketing strategy. This service typically costs $227.

Our entry level Social Media Marketing Management Package is 6 months of social marketing consulting. We build your email campaign, launch it and monitor the results. This service starts at $877. We can also enhance and customize this if you have more advanced marketing objectives.

Training Solutions – We train your staff

You have the staff, and they need more knowledge and best case practices. We provide training customized to your needs.

Our training package start at a basic 2-hour package of personalize training in the Constant Contact tool. This includes campaign strategy, development, implementation, optimization and monitoring. This can be done remotely while you are in front of your computer, or we can arrange an in-person training. This training package starts at $250 for a 2 hour customized, and personalized training workshop.

A full day on-site training included 6 hours of personalized instruction at your place of business. This 6-hour training package including training materials and a business discovery session. We will meet with you and your marketing team to determine the most critical tasks for you, and build the training experience to emphasize these marketing priorities. The fee for this 6-hour, personalize training starts at $1250 in the great Los Angeles area.

If you need training, but have budget restrictions, visit our Professional Speaking Calendar. We often have public
presentations at no-charge to you.

Business Coaching / Business Mentoring – We show you what to do, and provide support

If you can do the work yourself, but you just need somebody to provide you success tips on a regular basis, this could be the solution for you.

We refer to our Business Coaching as a Business Mentoring program. Yes, we coach you on what to do, but we experience your success with you. We want to share in your development and mentor you to success. A coach JUST tells you what to do. We tell you what to do, and help and support you, mentor you, while you are doing it.

Click here to learn more about our Business Mentoring Program.

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