YouTube DIY Success Kit


YouTube DIY Success Kit

Finally, a resource that will provide you exactly what you need to know to do your own marketing videos on YouTube. Video marketing is powerful! YouTube is on fire! Don’t get burned. Learn the success secrets from a social media expert who has been in front of and behind the camera. I am an entrepreneur, just like you. I have way too much to do, just like you. I have limited marketing budget, just like you. I know your pain, because I have it too. The YouTube DIY Success Kit provides small business marketers video marketing success secrets for video marketing on YouTube.

You need resources that are concise, easy to use, and tell you what you need to know. I am not a blah-blah-blah type of person. My workshops are packed with no-nonsense, high-value, practical information. That is me. You do not need huff and puff. You need the real deal. And, you need it a reasonable cost.

Well, the YouTube DIY Success Kit is the real deal. This is a Master Index of 26 instructional videos that tell you what you need to know to be successful in your YouTube marketing. These are short and sweet. Most videos are about five minutes and the most complex is about 16 minutes and there is over 2 hours of instruction in total.

Trust building, rapport building, and familiarity must come first before any sale, and with the proper Video Marketing strategy you can accomplish this. You just need to know what to do to be successful.

The YouTube DIY Success Kit can help you do just that. This is a master index of 26 instructional videos on how to market and promote more effectively on YouTube. You will receive a PDF file, which contains links to exclusive and unlisted YouTube videos. You cannot find these videos just by searching YouTube. You need the index. Just click on the link, and as long as you are connected to the internet, the video will open on your device. You can watch these videos again and again as you need to.


Video Marketing Success Secrets in 26 Short Instructional Videos.


Your YouTube Video Marketing Success Awaits you.

The following are topics covered in these short, concise and practical videos:


TOPIC AREA – Introduction To YouTube

Your Good Enough Attitude
YouTube 101


TOPIC AREA – Equipment and Shoot Set-up

Audio Equipment and Sound Quality
Camera Suggestions
Video Backgrounds
Video Bed


TOPIC AREA – Managing Your Videos

Uploading and Scheduling
Your Editing Strategy


TOPIC AREA – Marketing Strategy

5 Benefits of Video Marketing
5 Content Tips
5 Ways to Make Money
Views and View Length
Your Channel Page


TOPIC AREA – Promotion

Customized Thumbnails
Drive Traffic to Videos
Good Video Titles
Sharing Video Links
Video Search Optimization

TOPIC AREA – Video Production

Back Matter
Car Video
No One Hit Wonders
Videos from Photos
Your Script Strategy
Your Video Voice


TOPIC AREA – Expert Help

Animation Videos
No One Hit Wonders
Videos from Photos
Your Script Strategy
Your Video Voice


Sometimes the videos are me offering you suggestions and strategies, and sometimes the videos are very step-by-step oriented navigation of the YouTube interface. I show you exactly where to click with your mouse, and when I am clicking, I not only explain why I am clicking, but there is always a big yellow circle on the screen so that you are sure to follow the mouse to the different areas of the screen.

YouTube DIY Success Kit by Building Aspirations Example

The master video index will be delivered in an Adobe PDF file. Here are some sample shots from the Master Index document.

YouTube DIY Succes Kit by Builidng Aspirations Master Index PDF

I even provide you tips on how to adjust the YouTube videos for the highest viewing quality on your device.
YouTube DIY Instructions by Building Aspirations

Your master index will have links to the 26 videos and some of them are even in high definition (HD).

YouTube DIY Success Kit by Building Aspirations All


The YouTube DIY Success Kit is yours for a one time payment of $47 USD. With your payment below, you will receive the kit via a download, and as long as you have a live internet connection, you can start viewing the videos immediately.


The YouTube DIY Success Kit is yours for a one time payment of $47 USD.

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