Expert Program


Sponsored Small Business Workshops in Los Angeles for Qualified Organizations
This is for organizations in Southern California (Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Riverside)

Small Business Workshops in Los Angeles by Mark Mikelat

Sponsored small business workshops in Los Angeles.

Does your organization need… More traffic? More exposure? More members?

This could be your training room, packed full of people!

Building Aspirations, a digital marketing firm for small business, could bring a high-value, no-cost small business workshop to your next mixer, conference, or professional event.

If you qualify for the Constant Contact expert program, we can bring a small business workshops to your Los Angeles-based organization. There would be no cost to you or your members.

How does this work?

We, at Building Aspirations, are Authorized Local Expert Partners with Constant Contact, so we can offer this opportunity to you.

Workshop topics

  • Email marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Video Marketing
    Twitter Marketing

Click here to view a sample clip from How to be a Twitter Rock Star.

Contact us today to see if you qualify or
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The Expert Program = Sponsored, no-cost small business workshops in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Riverside.

Finally, a way to bring high-quality workshops and breakout sessions to your professional event without busting your budget. If you need great programs in the topic areas of email marketing, social media marketing, or small business success, then the Constant Contact Expert program is your solution. This is an established program and we have successfully partnered with sponsors such as Staples and Microsoft. Do not delay, contact us today to get on the calender.

Do you need to get your board of directors, president, or program manager to sign-off on this program? Then, click here for a 10-minute, detail-packed video to explain the program and how you can tap into this unique offer. Everything, is explained in this detail-packed video brochure.