The secrets to Red Hot email marketing

Building Aspirations - The secrets to Red Hot email marketingThe secrets to Red Hot Email marketing

by Mark Mikelat, Building Aspirations

Email marketing is Red Hot. It continues to be the most cost-effective marketing strategy for small business. There is no other marketing method that combines the power of word of mouth marketing, referral marketing, and relationship building. Here are proven secrets to Red Hot Email marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy – Marketing Leads to Sales

Marketing leads to sales, the purchase. But, people do not buy products. People do not buy services. People buy benefits. They do not want your product, but rather the benefits of your product. If you sell perfume, your literal product is chemical water. Nobody wants to buy this. They want to buy the fashion of the scent, or the emotional trigger provided by the perfume. These are benefits, and you must emphasize benefits in your email marketing.

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Email Marketing Strategy – Focus on Them, Your Market

Secondly, your email marketing, actually all of your marketing, needs to be focused on them. The ‘them’ is your target market. You must write your email messages for and to them. It is never about you. It is always about them. Their needs and wants always take precedence over yours. If your email marketing messages are littered with ‘we’ statements, you need to rewrite your email copy.

Email Marketing Strategy – Market Regularly

Also, remember that marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to put the message about there and out there again. You need to get through all of the noise. You know how crazy busy your life is? That is everybody’s life. We have a thousand different thoughts bouncing around in our heads and your message needs to compete with the cacophony of other messages already competing for my attention. So, to get through the noise, you need to market via a regular, consistent, and persistent system; an email system.

Email Marketing Strategy – Be Concise

Because we are all message-overloaded, you need to be very concise in your email marketing messages. A person’s time is precious, and you cannot hold a person’s attention for very long. You must be focused and direct in your messaging. Imagine that somebody is really is excited about reading your email message. Do you know how long they will spend reading it? The answer is 52 seconds. UGH! That seems like a frustratingly short amount of time. Realize though, that television commercials might be just 30 seconds. So, you do have ample marketing time. You just need to use this time very wisely. You do this primarily, by having a specific goal.

Email Marketing Strategy – Have a Specific Goal

Your marketing should not be whimsical. Every piece of your marketing should have a desired intent. Think through what you want to have happen, and then write your copy to that desired intent. This is your intended response. Now, you must express your intended response in a manner that benefits your target market, and you must do it in a quick and concise manner. One way to accomplish this is by being very obvious.

Email Marketing Strategy – Tell Them What to Do

Tell the email marketing subscriber exactly what to do. If your ordering process is complex or confusing, you are dead. You must have very straightforward language. Do not force the reader to make dozens of decisions or review an ocean of options. Have a very clear call to action. And, connect this call to action to the intended response. Here is an example. You are overloaded and confused about your email marketing and need expert help. We at Building Aspirations can help. You can save time, energy and money by working with us. Click here to learn more about how we can help you with your email marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy – Monitor

Lastly, monitor the situation. Did it work? Here is the long and short of marketing, folks. When something works, do more of that. If something does not work, do less of that. That sounds pretty straightforward, right? It is, but only if you followed the previous steps. Did you achieve your intended response? If you wanted ten phone calls and you received five, then you need to adjust your expectations, or improve your campaign. Without monitoring you cannot improve, and remember, marketing is a long-term strategy.

Email Marketing Strategy – Final words

Please take these strategies to heart and implement them for greater success in your small business marketing. If you have not yet started with email marketing, click here, register with Constant Contact and get started for less than $50 per month. If you need some business coaching to put it into action to get more clients, and increase revenues, visit this page to learn more about my personalized business mentoring program.

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