Secrets to a Crazy Awesome Customer Experience Revealed Now

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Secrets to a Crazy Awesome Customer Experience Revealed Now

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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Your business must be focused on your customers. They have choices and they spend their dollars where they get the best experience. You can entice them and win their loyalty with a great experience. This wins out over low-price. To tap into this, you must embrace the Secrets to a Crazy Awesome Customer Experience

Build Customer Loyalty – What is a Crazy Awesome Experience?

Think about WOW. When was the last time that you were really wowed? Why was it? What happened? Most of our business dealings are mundane, repetitive and simple transactions. Yet, every once in a while, there is a WOW-experience. The wow is the key to a crazy awesome customer experience.

Build Customer Loyalty – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

How can you create a wow experience? Respect is a necessary ingredient. You and your business exist only because of your customers. As business leaders we must never forget this. Your customers will do just fine without you, but you will go bankrupt without your customers. Respect your customers and if you do this well, the wow-opportunity will readily present itself. And, please remember, there really is nothing wow-like in 2 for 1 specials, coupons, or discounts.

Build Customer Loyalty – It is not about the money

Discounts are great, but they are not the golden key to success. People want to be heard, appreciated, understood, and shown a bit of courtesy. Your wow does not need to be a discount. Sometimes, it can be something very simple.

Build Customer Loyalty – Little things can mean a lot

You know from your life that little things can mean a lot. You might be having a horrible day, but a big smile from a stranger or a small child’s laugh can change everything in an instant. Just think about the customer experience and what they want. Sometimes you can provide them what they want with just a moment of effort.

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Build Customer Loyalty – One minute of effort

I remember a WOW experience from one of my very first job interviews. I walked into this prestigious consulting office and as I approached the reception area, I saw a sign welcoming me. “Welcome Mr. Mikelat” Wow! This was decades ago. It cost them nothing, and I still remember it vividly. Why was it a wow? They demonstrated respect for me, and they did it publicly.

Build Customer Loyalty – Do what your competitor does not

To really put this into play, think about your competitor and how you can outthink them. What wow-ness can you provide that they cannot? Perhaps your staff is not as big as theirs. You can turn this potential disadvantage into a Wow-opportunity with just a bit of creative thinking. “We are small. We answer the phone when you call.” A tagline like this could be a huge wow-moment for a potential client who hates voicemail or endlessly confusing phone menu systems.

Build Customer Loyalty – Kiss on the pillow

I remember one hotel that had a turn down service which included a Hershey’s chocolate kiss left on the pillow. What can be your kiss on the pillow? I love and encourage hand written thank you cards. It might be a bit time consuming, but think when you last received something written by hand. That can create a wow moment.

Build Customer Loyalty – Random acts of appreciation

Do this randomly. Do not just send out a birthday card. That is thoughtful, but really not too creative. A “Just thanks for working with us” card is unexpected and therefore likely to be more memorable.

Build Customer Loyalty – Simple reminders

Thoughtful reminders could be good too. A call from my dentist’s office to remind me of my appointment is nice. How about a reminder post card with a joke, an inspirational quote or perhaps even a recipe? The reminder helps you and your business. The recipe is a show of appreciation to me.

Build Customer Loyalty – Think Backwards

I encourage all of the clients in my mentoring program, to answer the wow question for themselves and their business by thinking backwards. I ask them to think about the most challenging issues faced by their customers and how they can add a wow-like solution. Think like the customer. Imagine that you just had a wow-experience. Now, trace it back and determine how and why it happened. To ramp up your business, I encourage you to add Wows into your business to create a Crazy Awesome Customer Experience.

Build Customer Loyalty – Need Help?

Do you see the value, but just need the right marketing partner to help you implement these ideas? Building Aspirations can help. Contact us today.

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