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Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest strategyPinterest Strategy – The Key Value of Pinterest

by Mark Mikelat president of
Building Aspirations

Think Building Aspirations, when you think of Pinterest Strategy. Pinterest is a photo sharing site primarily used by women. If you sell consumer based products and women are a significant target market for you, Pinterest could be a very viable marketing option for your business. Pinterest drives very high website traffic.

Pinterest Strategy – Pinterest Set-up Tips

• You can create a personal or a business Pinterest account, or both.
• Use a high quality photo that represents you, your product, or your brand.
• Your name should be obvious and consistent with your overall brand. Do not use abbreviations or jargon. It may confuse users.
• Your Business Name should be the name of your business. Even simple or small, or seemingly inconsequential differences are significant. For example, if you are ‘Rose Cafe and Bakery’ please do not enter your business name as ‘Rose Bakery.’ People may be confused about your business name.
• Update the ‘About You’ section with intriguing marketing content to get the attention of a new person. Simply posting contact information is too boring.
• Complete the website verification process to create higher credibility with users.
• Modify your settings to adjust your public interaction.

Pinterest Strategy – Best Practices Usage Tips

1. Focus on sharing high quality, engaging visuals.
2. Create multiple boards with names that your target market would find intriguing.
3. Re-pin what your followers are interested in, as long as it does not promote a direct competitor.
4. Provide keyword specific descriptions to all of your product pins.
5. Test that all of the photos link back to the proper sites to make sure that you get the click-through to the desired product website page.

Pinterest Strategy – Content Strategy

• Develop a comprehensive content strategy that focuses on driving website traffic via photo click-thrus.
• Pin and re-pin frequently.
• Evaluate the use of a professional photographer to get the highest quality photos of your products, customers, and events.

Pinterest Strategy – Content Ideas

• Infographics
• Photo collages
• Visuals, visuals, and more visuals

Pinterest Strategy – Next Steps.

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Next steps – Social Media Success Kit.

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