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    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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    Do you market online? Ok, you might have a website, but are you marketing online? Is it working for your business? Or, did you just create marketing material that nobody reads? Marketing online is the same as marketing offline…. or it is? Read this article to learn more: Online Marketing Strategies for Success.

    The medium has changed, but only that

    Marketing is still marketing. It has and will be the same. The medium has changed, but the core of marketing is still the same. Do you love music? I bet that you do. An older song might immediately trigger memories of your high school days, awash with happy memories. You might even remember all of the lyrics. But, when you listened to this music in your teen years was it on the radio, or cassette, or record, or CD? You might be streaming the music today, but that does not change your love of the song. The medium has changed, but only that.

    Focus on them

    The fundamentals of marketing are still the same. Do not be distracted by the technology. That is a distribution tool for your marketing messages. First, you must always focus on your market. You must understand the people to whom you are selling, and you must know slightly more about them than your competition does. Please, stop talking about yourself, and start talking about them, by focusing on their problem.

    Define their problem

    First, define their problem. Your target market does not buy products. They buy solutions to problems. Whatever the problem is you must explain to the target market what their problem is and how you can resolve it. Do your potential clients for your retirement planning services realize that they are not saving enough for their old age? You need to point out this problem to them. Or perhaps the smart phone users out there do not realize how truly dismal their lives are without your Super-App. You need to explain to them how their lives can be fulfilled with your app on their phones. Secondly, after you have defined their problem, show them the solution.

    Present your solution

    Point out to your market, how you are the solution. I encourage you to start watching television commercials from a different vantage point. Start watching how car marketers present their solutions to the viewers. They might talk about safety and then mention their blind spot warning device. This is an example of car companies defining the problem and then presenting the solution. If they did it effectively, there is likely a family in the ad as well. They presented their safety solution to parents, their target market. I wager that you will see a similar ad the next time you watch a news video online. The medium changes, but the marketing messages do not. After you present your solution, make sure that you have a good call to action.

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    Tell them what to do

    Marketing always needs a good, clear, concise and specific call to action. You need to tell the buyer what to do. You want to get people to take action immediately. With online marketing, you can really tap into this. Your call to action can be a ‘click here’ link. Not only are you being very specific with the action for them to take, but the buyer’s pause is limited to the time it takes to click a button. There is little time for distraction, confusion, or a competitor’s message to subvert your marketing. Your call to action should be as simple as you can possibly make it.

    Now what? What should you do?

    I will wrap this up with some quick action steps for you. Think about the crux of your business. Where does your target market congregate in the online world? For example, Mommy blogs might be a great channel for marketing infant-wear. Secondly, design a creative way to document their problem. This might be via personal stories, enticing photos, or an engaging video. Next, present your solution, and always, provide a crystal clear call to action so that they might purchase your solution.

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