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Do you want a more successful business?

I am Mark Mikelat and I want you to work less, have less stress and more success

Mark Mikelat - Business Mentoring for Small Business Growth
Mark Mikelat - Business Mentor
Hi, I’m Mark and want to be your mentor to help you succeed in your small business. Whether you are a beginner, or a veteran business leader, I am confident that my mentoring program will help you with the strategies, tools, and techniques to make you more money in your business.

In just a moment, I will share with you the #1 little know, yet proven, success secret to success in small business. I have relied on this again and again it has earned me money, and it has helped my clients earn money too. But, before we get to that, ask yourself why you need help?

Why are you not as successful in your business as you would like to be?

Most small business owners have examples of success stories in their industries that they aspire to. They often wonder what that level of success would feel like. You do no need to wonder any longer. We are often our own worst enemies and we block ourselves with self-defeating beliefs:

No one will buy this
• I cannot provide something of value
• I do not know enough about business
• I am scared
• I am not good enough

If you are somebody who has thought about starting your own business, and have not done it, do not worry. There may be negative influences around you that are stopping you. Your dream of a successful business does not need to be just a dream.

The fears listed above are real and there are many more that I could have listed. I can address those fears one, by one. I have learned through blood, sweat and long hours that works and what does not. If you want it, if you really want it, you can make your business incredibly successful. I want to help you achieve that success.

Once you know the success recipe, you can just keep cooking and repeating this with more products, more clients and more customers. This recipe cooks your success.

My Business Mentoring Program leaves nothing out when it comes to the business of business.

You will learn:

The key traits of your target marketing. Two things must exist in your target market and so many small business leaders do not get it. I tell you what they are and what it means for you and your small business.

Why some customers just do not care. You are awesome, but not everybody is smart enough to recognize your awesomeness. It is not your fault, it is theirs! I help you understand this, and teach you a good customer and client qualification process to save you tons of time and effort.

Mark Mikelat - Business Mentor How to sell in mass quantities. You need the proper strategy to find and leverage POI’s. I explain what this means and how to do it.

How to give away stuff to get the sale. There are two things that you can, actual must, give away in your sales process, and these are not coupons or samples.
How to brand yourself.Branding is critical and I work you through the quickest and easiest ways to do this.

How to set your fees and prices to maximize your income. If you price too low, you will kill yourself with a tons of profit-less work and if you are too expensive you will scare everybody away.

The often misunderstand strategy of getting more business. Most businesses exert 10x too much effort on getting new business, because they fail to appreciate this one key business development practice.

Do you know who your fantasy client is? What will you do if your fantasy client calls you? Do you know what to say and do? In our mentoring session we will get you ready for this type of call that can really accelerate the success of your business.

You will also learn how to:

• Sell your products multiple different ways to different niche markets
• Prove to your market that you are an expert in your field. I will keep you out of the 99 cent bin.
• Select the perfect product for the perfect market. We will not need to guess. We will know.
• How to use social media to market like a rock star. COLD Calling is for the birds. I want people to call you.
• Prioritize your marketing campaigns to save you hundreds, maybe thousands of wasted dollars, and long hours of work while doing the wrong things.
• Create powerful marketing messages that set you apart from your competition. We want to create marketing that people keep, bookmark and share with others because is to so valuable.

Do you know how to make yourself the standout in your industry?
I will show you how.

You need to work your business. Is your business working you? If you have been working for years and you are still just not able to figure out how to make it all work, you definitely need some mentoring. Through our mentoring sessions you gain knowledge into…

Mark Mikelat - Small Business Mentor
• Online products like podcast, Google+ handouts, webinars and more
• Publishing books, training guides, and courses
• Creating collaborative business opportunities in your local community
• Creating great online marketing content that entices your market
• Writing press releases and articles for powerful and low-cost promotion
• Email marketing success strategies
• Social media marketing success strategies
• Video marketing success strategies

Do you see other businesses making more money than you?
Do you know that you are just better than them? Does it make you wonder why?

I guarantee that there are successful businesses out there earning more than you with less stress and effort!

Let us work together to make you one of those people!

I promised that I would share the #1 principle for small business success. Here it is. Your business is not about you. Your business is about your target market. They will be just fine without you, but you will go bankrupt without them.

In this mentoring program I will teach you how to get business to come to you. Not everything will happen at once, or even as quickly as you would like it, but it will come and it will be unstoppable. Imagine a bolder on top of a mountain. It might take a lot of effort to get it moving, but once it starts, OH Baby, Watch out!

Program Specifics

img1First, we need to make sure that this is right for you. You need to make sure that this mentoring program is a good fit for you and your business. In this business discovery session, we focus on your success and how I can help you achieve it.

Our first conversation is a short one in which we address your questions and decide if this is a good fit for you. There is no charge for this first session.

The program includes 6 phone sessions or 6 months, whichever comes first. For example, we might speak once a month. Each session is 60 minutes.

Unlimited email support is included in this offer.

I want to help you in between sessions as well, so if there are quick questions; no problem, I will answer them.

Ok, Mark, Great, but how much does this cost?

The fee for this program is $877 USD. Why it is so inexpensive? Yeah, I agree, the fee is way too low. My own mentors are working on me all of the time to raise this fee, and I will. When? I am not sure, so if you are interested, let us get started now.

Are you ready? Great! You can pay online right now.

If you interested and have some questions, let us work on that first session to get started. Click here to send us an email and schedule that introductory session.

Mark, does this work? YUP! But, do not take my word for it. Here is a success story below.

Kathleen Reeder of Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography came to us to for book coaching. Kathleen is a globally recognized expert in wildlife photography and she wanted to write a book.

What she wanted to do: Write a Book.

What she did:

Wrote, and published her book and even pre-sold several copies
• Created monthly photography workshops that is sold out 6-months in advance
• Created high-end African Safari photography vacation packages and booked trips in two countries

Here, listen to her tell you in her own words, in this 4-minute video that we filmed while waiting for dinner.

Kathleen Takes Pictures of Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography

If you interested and have some questions, let us work on that first session to get started. Click here to send us an email and schedule that introductory session.

Question: Mark, how to do know that this is right for my business?

Answer: Do not worry. As long as you do not sell buggy whips, or 8-track tape repair services, I can definitely help you.

ACT NOW. Do not wait.

Because I work directly with mentees, this requires time and I can only take on so many clients at one time and still provide quality services. If feel this is right for you, let us get started. I would hate for you to be shut out from getting the mentoring that you need.

PRICE…. (As I market this mentoring program more and more, I will be more and more booked and therefore I will increase the price for this mentoring. So, if you are interested, please do not delay!)

BONUS 1 – Promotional opportunities. I speak at business conferences all of the time. Imagine that your business were a best case example in one of my workshop presentations in a marketing conference breakout session with 100+ people? This is free marketing.

BONUS 2 – Social Media Marketing promotion. Just go to Google and search for Mark Mikelat. You will see Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIN, my blog, my webpage, my page and several other channels. I can promote your business on all of these channels. My Twitter Channel alone has 12,000+ followers.

BONUS 3 – Email Marketing promotion. I have 18+ years of experience with email marketing and a very strong database of loyal fans. If you have a product or service, that small businesses can benefit from, I can promote you and your business to my database.

P.S. I am serious about your success. I cannot make your life easy, and I can make it much, much easier.

P.P.S. The small business landscape is getting more and more competitive and you need these success strategies and tools more than ever.

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