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Do you need a quick, easy, cost-effective online marketing solution?

Constant Contact is used by 600,000 small businesses

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What you need

Small business owners need marketing that works. You need marketing solutions that market your products and services without requiring a huge marketing budget, an army of a marketing staff, or thousands of expensive hours of training.

Marketing that is small business friendly…

NO huge budgets needed
NO need for a huge marketing staff
NO massive training time

You need straight-forward, easy to understand, and easy to implement solutions to generate more clients, business, and revenue. Constant Contact does just that. With comprehensive solutions to small business marketing needs in the areas of email marketing and social media marketing, they are a fan of small business.

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Building Aspirations - Platinum Level Constant Contact Solution Provider
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The set-up takes about 5 minutes, and comprehensive packages start at about $20 to $47 a month. You can cancel at any time, and Constant Contact has a money back guarantee. So, there is no risk to you.

How does Building Aspirations work with Constant Contact?

CTCT_AuthorizedLocalExpertBuilding Aspirations is proud to be a Platinum-level Accredited Authorized Local Partner with Constant Contact. What does that mean to you? We are a strategic partner with Constant Contact and there are only in a handful of us in the United States. Because Constant Contact is very focused on helping small business and provide world-class customer service, they only have the most experienced, and success-minded professional partners in this program.

We provide professional services in the areas of online marketing with the Constant Contact platform. If you and your staff and use it successfully to its full potential, then great, you do not need us. But, when you need professional services, management, and training, we are here. More specifically, we can help you with the following:

● Email Marketing Strategy Development – We develop a plan together
● Email Marketing Management – We do it all for you
● Email Marketing Training – We train your staff
● Email Marketing Mentoring – We tell you make to do, and mentor you to do it right.
● Social Media Strategy Development – We develop a plan together
● Social Media Management – We do it all for you
● Social Media Training – We train your staff
● Social Media Mentoring – We tell you make to do, and mentor you to do it right.

We are Small Business Marketing Experts

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