How to NOT Be Clueless With Social Media Marketing

    Mark Mikelat How to NOT Be Clueless in Your Social Media MarketingHow to NOT Be Clueless With Social Media Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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    Social Media Marketing is frustrating. There is great confusion in the marketplace. I have been helping small business leaders with their social media marketing for a number of years and again and again, people come up to me in live workshops and profess that they were ‘clueless’ about social media marketing. Allow me to help you in this short article. You do not need to be clueless in your social media marketing.

    Know Your Market

    First, do not even start with social media. You must start with your market. There is no way that you can begin any type of marketing of any type of product until you understand to whom you are marketing. Please do not think that your market is ‘everybody.’ Because I will immediately ask you why prisoners in North Korea are part of your target market. Even if your product is more basic or generic, not everybody will be interested or be able to purchase it. You need to do basic market research to understand who buys your product, why they buy it, and why they see you as better than your competition. This is the most basic requirement of an effective plan.

    Have a Plan

    Once you are confident that you understand who your target market is, you must have a plan. You are enthusiastic. You are ready! Let us direct that enthusiasm. Action without a focused plan is just crazy busy work. You could do stuff all day, and even be really good at it, but if it is not directed towards a specific goal, it does not matter. Most people who are new to social media just want to start. Typically my clients’ questions might be “How many times a day should I post?” There is nobody who can answer that question effectively without knowing your plan. People want to just start posting without knowing why. Do not get distracted by action. We are going to implement action without a purpose, and a fundamental purpose of your social media marketing is engagement.

    Engage Your Market

    You must engage your market. You make connect to them. You must make them laugh, ponder, or question. You must motivate them, inspire them or intrigue them. You cannot just market to them. The first word in “social media marketing” is “social.” You need to connect first to get the sale later. Imagine that spam that you hate. You find it irritating because it has the sole purpose of trying to sell you something. There is no engagement. To be most effective with engagement focus on them, your target market.

    Focus on Them, NOT YOU!

    What is important to your target market? When you provide people what they want, they will be more engaged with you. This is why we started with the idea of knowing your market. You can only provide value to them if you have a clear understanding of what their wants, needs and preferences are. For example, far too many small business owners focus on price. A good pricing strategy is needed, yet it is likely not the key driver in your business. Perhaps your fans like your innovation. If so, you focus on that, because that is what they want. I have heard people even brag about overpaying for innovative things. A true iPhone fan wants the cutting-edge technology, and they proudly testify that they were willing to pay $500+ to get it. Engage your fans with what is important to them, not you.

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    When you follow this model properly, you can convert your fans to customers. And, you must do this. It happens, but with many people it does not happen as quickly as they would like. The comments and shares on social media can be super quick, but the revenue-oriented results come slowly. This frustrates even seasoned business professionals. But, remember, this is ‘marketing’, and it takes time. You will convert people, but over time. A few months ago I had a great conversation with a CEO who had a very strategic viewpoint. He said “I really think we’ll start seeing the benefits of this in two years.” Yup! You will convert with proper social media marketing, but it takes time. Nothing is wrong if your phone is not ringing immediately after you hit a ‘boost post’ button on Facebook. The conversions will come over time, and these expectations should be forecasted in your plan.

    Seek Out Expert Help

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