The Keys to Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

The Keys to Marketing on Twitter

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations

Think Building Aspirations, when you need help marketing on Twitter. Twitter is a very fast, concise micro-blogging service. There is a physical limitation to messages of 140 characters. The medium requires very concise and direct content because of the volume and speed of the overall communication on the channel. You can use this effectively to build your list, promote your brand or drive website traffic.

Marketing on Twitter – Set-up Tips

• Create a Twitter handle that has branding power. A handle could be your name, product name or your business name.
• Complete your Twitter profile with action-packed words.
• Customize your Twitter profile with a picture that is representative of your brand.
• You may include two clickable links in your profile. Make sure to test that they are clickable.
• Have a warm and professional profile picture. A professional headshot is suggested.
• If you choose to use a logo as your profile picture, check that it renders well on a smart phone. Small detail will likely not be visible and present you in a poor light.
• You have the opportunity to pin, or highlight a tweet on your account. Consider making this a link to a new-follower welcome gift when you are just starting on Twitter.
• Create content, and share photos before you start following people. People will not follow a boring account.
• Because Twitter is a very fast medium, you may want to install a Twitter app on your smart phone with real time monitoring and updates.

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Marketing on Twitter – Usage Tips

1. Do not be overly self-promotional. The majority of your tweets should be focused on providing value to your target market.
2. Retweet messages that are of value to your industry and your followers.
3. Reuse valuable content. For example, you might tweet the link to one of your popular blog posts.
4. Monitor what is trending in your industry and include yourself in the conversation to emphasize your expertise.
5. Create a branded hashtag strategy and encourage your fans, customers, or donors to tweet with the associated hashtag.

Marketing on Twitter – Content Strategy

• Create a multiple message marketing plan well in advance.
• Monitor your content to determine what is retweeted, shared or favorited.
• Use tools such as Google analytics to measure what links shared in Twitter generated traffic to your website.

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Marketing on Twitter – Content Ideas

• Blog Posts
• Twitter Cards
• Promotional Videos

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