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    Mark Mikelat College Business LecturerMark Mikelat, business strategy consultant, to teach entrepreneurial courses at CSULB, Long Beach, CA in January of 2016.

    Greater Los Angeles business growth expert, Mark Mikelat, to teach visiting Chinese students entrepreneurship.

    Long Beach, CA – 01/19/2016 Mark Mikelat, a recognized expert in entrepreneurial and startup strategies will teach three courses in the CSULB international development program. The students are Chinese nationals visiting the United States in a leadership development program focused on learning business practices, leadership and decision making methodologies.

    Mark Mikelat will teach that entrepreneurship is more than best case business practices. The overwhelming majority of businesses fail. Good leadership, a strong vision, and a well constructed business strategy are the fundamental requirements needed for an entrepreneurial endeavor to survive and thrive. Mark Mikelat has nearly 20 years of experience in E-Commerce strategy development and implementation. Some of his clients have included Microsoft, MasterCard, Victoria Secret, Hilton, HotWire, the Gap, and many others.

    Building Aspirations provides online marketing solutions to small business in the areas of email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and digital marketing. Mark Mikelat, the President, founded this firm after years of on-site consulting experience with Fortune 500 clients. Now, he is leading his firm to share the marketing success strategies of major corporations, with entrepreneurs and small business leaders in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, California.

    To hire Mark Mikelat to be a speaker at your business conference, professional association meeting, expo, tradeshow, or college leadership event, please visit the website.

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    Building Aspirations wants to be your small business growth partner. Via comprehensive management, training and mentoring, they provide small business marketing solutions in the areas of email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and digital marketing. Their president, Mark Mikelat, is an accomplished and in-demand keynote speaker and workshop leader at business conferences, corporate retreats, and leadership development meetings.

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