FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Mark Mikelat, book coach, celebrates the 7-year anniversary of his client’s book How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress by Deborah Gardner

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    Mark Mikelat - Book CoachMark Mikelat, book coach, is proud to celebrate the 6-year anniversary of his client’s book How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress by Deborah Gardner.

    Greater Los Angeles business growth expert, Mark Mikelat, coaches people how to write, publish and sell their books.

    Los Angeles, CA – 01/04/2017 Mark Mikelat, is the author of multiple books and he coaches speakers, trainers, coaches, and entrepreneurs how to share their message with the world in a book.

    A book is a legacy and it allows you the ability to share your wisdom with the world. It is critically important for those working in professional services. Your book documents to the world that you are sincerely an expert.

    Writing your book is a small part of writing your book. Proof reading, editing, page design, and of course marketing, sales and distribution are just some of the many steps necessary to turn your message into a book. Mark Mikelat can help you write, publish, and sell your book. Click here to learn more about Mark Mikelat’s book coaching services.

    About The Book

    How to Sell to Men, Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress
    by Deborah Gardner

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    SEX SELLS! That’s How You Have to Compete in a Man’s World Or is it? As a sales woman in business today, you might find the sales process cruel and frustrating when pitching products or services to men. You do have options when pressured to do “whatever it takes” to impress them. Blunt discussions and tell-it-straight tactics in How to Sell to Men Without Wearing a Low-Cut Dress reveal how you can subtract the sexual sizzle and still advance your sales career. You will discover- • Common mistakes women make selling to male buyers • Tactics for selling to men that will not ever involve baring skin • Basic motivators men require when purchasing from a woman • Safe, not sexy, ways to communicate with men in sales situations • The essential role of confidence-do not leave home without it Drop the worn-out strategies and learn how to conduct business that will enhance both your self-esteem and your bank account. This book bares it all.

    Would you like your book online some day? Stop waiting, and contact Mark Mikelat today to learn about his book coaching.

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