How to Sell Using Social Media

How to Sell Using Social Media

Social Media Selling

How to Sell Using Social Media

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations

Mark Mikelat - How to Sell on Social MediaA lead on social media is great, but conversion is better. Here are five keys to success in the social media selling game. Social Media marketing is a powerful way to grow your business, but only if your social media buzz can be directed to the bottom line. Learning how to sell using social media can be a challenging task for many people. It is easy to be distracted by the clicks and hype on social media. But, you need to convert. Your social media marketing needs to provide positive results for your business. You need to know how to direct your social media popularity to sales, and do this in a way that does not turn off your fans. Embrace the following five key ideas to learn how to sell using social media.

How to Sell Using Social Media – What Channel.

Each social media channel is different. You need to understand which channel is best suited to the characteristics of your target market. For example, is your typical buyer active on Twitter? You can determine this with some basic research. Make sure to match the demographics of the popular social media channels to your target demographics. Do not be distracted by what is popular, trending, or in growth mode. You need to sell to your customers on the channels where they are active. Next, you need to deliver the sales message with the proper content strategy.

How to Sell Using Social Media – What Content.

Mark Mikelat - How to Sell on Social MediaYour content strategy should at a very minimum consider three basic points, your channel, your market, and your product. Your content needs to be appropriate to the specific style of social media conversation. A message on Twitter should be very concise. A message on Instagram should be visual. Secondly, the sentiment of the message should align with the style of communication on the particular channel. Is it light hearted, or more serious? Lastly, emphasize the benefits of your product and how they specifically aid your social media fans. For example, do not talk solely about the quality of your product, but rather how the quality of your product can help your readers address a specific problem.

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How to Sell Using Social Media – Make a Connection.

Mark Mikelat - How to Sell on Social MediaAn intriguing subject line makes people think just a little bit. The challenge here is to be clever and creative. If you were to market a pet shop the following subject line might be good: “Do you love your dog too much?” This causes people to think. They may actually begin to wonder if they do love their dog too much. They would read your email to learn a little more about why you mentioned that idea. This is an example of how you can be intriguing without being confrontational or controversial. In the next idea, I will give you the specific tactic with blank values that can be customized to your business.

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How to Sell Using Social Media – Converse.

Mark Mikelat - How to Sell on Social MediaDo not shout at people, speak with them. We connect through conversation. All of the social media channels have tools for people to comment. A comment can initiate a conversation, and you need to acknowledge these commenting people. Be familiar with the specific etiquette and tools of the individual channels. There may be comments, likes, registrations, shares, forwards, or other mechanisms to create and support this conversation. This leads to the final step in the conversation; call to action.

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How to Sell Using Social Media – Take Action.

Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationPlease put these ideas into action. The best plans are of no value if it is not put into action. I am a big fan of action, and whether it is via my training, coaching, or management programs, I can help you put these ideas into action. Click on the orange button to schedule a phone consultation with me to learn if I am the right marketing resource to help you resolve your marketing challenges.

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