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Google Plus Marketing Strategy

How to Post on Google Plus by Mark Mikelat of Building AspirationsHow to Post on Google Plus

by Mark Mikelat president of
Building Aspirations

In this short post, I will teach you how to post on Google Plus to get more traffic, customers, and clients. Google+, or Google Plus, is an important channel primarily because of the fact that it is owned and optimized by Google. Using the right keywords in your posts can provide you organic, or natural search engine optimization. Fresh, regularly updated content will provide more SEO value.

How to Post on Google Plus – Google Plus Set-up Tips

• You will need to create a personal Google+ profile first. In other words, you may only create a Business Profile, after you have created a personal profile. Click here for the personal Google+ profile instructions from Google.
• Pick a category such as local business, product, or company.
• If you are listed in Google Places, your phone number and address will be defaulted. Otherwise, add your contact information.
• If you are listing a page by product, or brand you will need to select a category such as ‘apparel’ or ‘auto.’
• Add a tagline to get your market’s attention.
• Upload a profile photo that supports your branding strategy.
• Add an engaging and key-word rich description in the introduction box.
• Get a vanity or branded URL. Click here for the Google+ instructions on how to do that.
• Make sure to review your profile’s accessibility settings to make sure that visitors are not excluded from viewing your marketing messages.

Google Plus – Best Practices Usage Tips

1. Post frequently. Google likes frequent updates.
2. Post compelling and engaging photos.
3. Remember to focus on keywords. A post of ‘Visit our wine bar’ is not as valuable as ‘Visit the Grapes-Of-Wrath wine bar’ because the later contains your wine bar’s name.
4. Engage first, and then market.
5. Drive target with links to your website, blog, online videos, or registration pages.

How to Post on Google Plus – Content Strategy

• Determine a strategy that is specific to your Google+ target market. It is likely different than Facebook.
• Good keyword usage is critical. Work with a keyword expert to ensure that you are targeting your desired market.
• Create your circles strategically according to your business. For example, you might have vendor, supplier, and client circles.

Google Plus Strategy – Content Ideas

• Share your blog updates for greater visibility and to drive website traffic.
• Post industry announcements, such as awards, certifications, or other types of public recognition.
• Promote your events such as expos, open houses, or grand openings.

How to Post on Google Plus – Next Steps.

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