How to Do Email Marketing

How to Do Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Business

Your Email Marketing Toolkit

by Mark Mikelat president of Building Aspirations

My goal is to teach you how to do email marketing. This short, but comprehensive article tells you what you need to know from strategy to implementation. Email marketing is a powerful marketing tactic. Whether you are a consumer based business, service based company, not-for-profit, corporation, or something in between, email marketing can help you connect with your customers and clients in a very cost effective way. The tools and techniques outlined below will be powerful tools for your email marketing toolbox.

How to Do Email Marketing – Email Service Provider

First of all, you need an ESP or an email service provider. Please don’t think that you can do a blind cc in Outlook or Yahoo, or Gmail to email a long list of contacts. You need to use the right software, and I strongly suggest that you go with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is a provider of email marketing and social media marketing services to small business. They provide exemplary customer service and the software is robust in its features. Click here to get started with Constant Contact.

How to Do Email Marketing – Making Money with Email

Email marketing allows you to connect with your leads, stay in contact with them and nurture your relationships. You can use it to fill and maximize your marketing funnel. The short video below explains how to accomplish this.

How to Do Email Marketing – What To Say

What do you say in your emails? In short, you must provide high value, focused and concise messages to your target audience. Please do not just demand that they purchase from you. Provide something of substance. How can you accomplish this? Click here for 17 Super Quick and Easy Content Ideas.

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How to Do Email Marketing – Visuals

Great visuals can really make your marketing message much more powerful. Make sure to use pictures, videos or graphics that support your branding, and are matched well to your product and target market. Click here for 83 places to find great visuals.

How to Do Email Marketing – Subject Lines

Good subject lines are critical. A great movie title or a powerful book title can grab your attention. A good email subject line should accomplish the same thing. Click here for expert instruction on How to Write Subject Lines

How to Do Email Marketing – Open Rate

You need your emails to be read. This is like people coming to your store or website. You cannot make a sale if customers do not visit your business. Along the same lines, you cannot impress somebody with your great email content if they do not open your email. Click here for tips on how to increase your email open rate.

How to Do Email Marketing – Segmentation and Targeting

Please do not use the same strategy with your first time purchases as your VIP customers. When you segment and target your customers, your email marketing effectiveness will increase dramatically. Click here for 7 Ways To Target Precisely With Email Marketing.

How to Do Email Marketing – Advanced Tips
Now that you have the background, here are some advanced tips to really accelerate your success. Click here for tips on How to Engage with Email Marketing.

How to Do Email Marketing – Final Words

Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationNow you have the building blocks to build a great email marketing system that will get you more clients, customers and revenue. What are the next steps? You need to execute. The specifics are right here on this page. Review them, embrace them and make them your own for your business and your customers. Even with this guide, sometimes, people need help. I can help you with training, coaching, or email management services. Simply click on the orange button to schedule a no-cost call with me to learn more about how I can help you put your email marketing strategy into action.

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