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    Mark Mikelat - Business CoachingHow to Get More Customers

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    Do you find it difficult to find new customers? I suspect that you answered ‘yes.’ Every business wants new customers, but we all find it difficult. Where are they? Who are they? What marketing systems work, and why? Often my business coaching clients have difficulty answering these questions because they misunderstand the consumer buying process. To help you increase your sales, your revenue, and the ultimate success of your business allow me to share some quick thoughts on How to Get New Customers.

    You are a Stranger

    Mark Mikelat - Business CoachingWe do not trust strangers. Imagine that you were you doing some major renovations on your home and you needed a good contractor with whom to work. Suppose a random person walked up to you and started promoting their contractor company. You would likely be uncomfortable. You do not know the person. What if the same stranger was introduced to you by a trusted friend? What if the contractor were a trusted friend? If you are unknown to your customers and immediately go for the sales close, you are likely to fail. Your business leads, will eventually become your customers and clients, but they need to get to know you, build rapport with you and build trust with you. This helps build their understanding.

    They Do Not Understand

    Often a new business lead does not understand your business right away. You need to speak to your market. This means that you need to speak their language to their understanding. Before you can earn the patronage from a new customer, first they need to understand your business. You understand your business. I may not. Tell me what it is, and how it helps me. Do you focus on service, or innovation? What makes you stand-out in the marketplace? A great way to accomplish this is with client examples, and customer testimonials. Consumers can more easily understand and relate to a satisfied customer. Realize, though, that this process takes time.

    You are Impatient

    Mark Mikelat - Business CoachingYou need to allow time for the results to develop. We are extremely impatient in the United States, and this desire for immediacy creates very unreasonable expectations in the marketing process. People may need to hear your marketing messages again, and again, and again before they understand, and then, as previously mentioned, begin to trust you. This is a process, and business leaders often try to speed up the process. Think of your Thanksgiving meal as your business marketing and sales process. You cannot microwave a turkey. It takes six to eight hours to properly cook a turkey. I do not care how hungry everybody is. It takes as long as it takes. What is so odd about this concept is that when you are a consumer, you want the process to be slow, leisurely and unpressured, but when you are a business owner, you want the results immediately. Time is needed to develop the relationships with your potential new clients and customers. Focus on them, and not your product.

    You Focus on Your Product

    It is not about your product, it is about your market. This concept is extraordinarily difficult for business owners to appreciate. Time and time again when I am coaching business leaders and ask about their target market, they will answer about their product. ‘We are an automotive parts distribution company’ is not a market focused answer. This is a product focused answer. Who are buying these parts? Why are they buying them? First, focus on the market, and remember to emphasize the benefits of your products.

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    You Focus on Features and Not Benefits

    Mark Mikelat - Business CoachingPeople buy benefits, not features. Focus on how you can help them, your target market. Focus on how you can make their life better. Focus on how you can be a solution to their problems. When you focus on the benefits you are more aligned with your target market, their needs and how you can really help them. Features are about you. Benefits are about them. You must focus on them.

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