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    Mark Mikelat Constant Contact ExamplesEven More Strategies to Engage with Email Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    Email marketing continues to be an incredibly cost effective way to market to your audience. But, so many people do it incorrectly. Time and time again, when I provide live workshops in email marketing strategy, attendees ask me about the bad practice examples that they see. Please do not copy a bad strategy. Learn the best practices and implement them and you will be much more effective. Email marketing is about engaging your audience. It is not about bugging them, and annoying them into a purchase submission. Please enjoy this short article with Even More Strategies to Engage with Email Marketing.

    Email Marketing Tutorial- Be Skim Friendly

    Mark Mikelat Constant Contact ExamplesDo not be verbose in your email marketing. Be short. Be concise. Get to the point. We all get too much email. That means that there is competition for attention in your subscriber’s inbox. Your message needs to be something that they can read and understand quickly. The most devoted fans of your email marketing will invest 52 seconds reading it, and most people will simply skim the information. This means that you need short sentences, meaningful titles, and good visuals that can convey a message very quickly. If your email messages are not skim friendly, I would encourage you to rework them. This exercise in brevity is a basic sign of respect.

    Email Marketing Tutorial- R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Mark Mikelat Constant Contact ExamplesRespect the email reader. They are a human being who is devoting a small part of their limited time to read your message. Please make it worth reading. If you constantly and consistently berate readers with your offers of free shipping and valueless coupons on a daily basis, you are showing disrespect. You are sending messages that are 100% focused on you. If I am your email marketing reader, entertain me. Educate me. Motivate me. Help me. Provide me something of value in your message. That is a basic way to show respect. Of course you need to sell, but if you are ONLY selling, you are 100% self-centered. Respect your readers.

    Email Marketing Tutorial- Mobile friendly emails

    Make sure that your emails are mobile friendly. In 2016, 51% of email readers read their email messages solely on a mobile device, as determined in a Constant Contact research study. Start by using a mobile friendly template. A multiple column template is not the best choice for rending on the typical smart phone. A reader might need to zoom in and scroll left and right multiple times to properly read your message. This disengages the reader.

    Email Marketing Tutorial- Mobile friendly website

    Mark Mikelat Constant Contact ExamplesAlong the same lines, make sure that your website is mobile friendly. If a reader receives your email message and reads it on their smart phone and clicks through to your website, your site needs to show properly on their phone. At least have a mobile friendly website. This means that it works properly on mobile devices. Eventually, you will need to have a mobile responsive website. This means that it is optimized for use on mobile devices. It will resize and reposition itself to more effectively use the space on the screen on which it is being used. For example, if somebody is viewing your website on a tablet, the website knows that it can display longer sentences from left to right. The website has optimization intelligence.

    Email Marketing Tutorial- Click friendly phone numbers

    Mark Mikelat Constant Contact ExamplesIf your business model encourages phone calls, make your preferred customer phone number prominent, and when possible click friendly. Your subscribers with gmail.com accounts will already receive the message this way. On smart phones, Google will make a phone number click-to-call friendly. For example, if I am reading your message on my phone and I would like to call you, I simply click on your phone number in your email message. As the reader of your message, this saves me time and energy because I do not need to remember and enter the numbers. On the typical smart phone, I just click and call.

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    Email Marketing Tutorial- Next Steps

    Mark Mikelat Phone ConsultationIf you like these tips, but just need some help putting it all together, simply click to schedule a phone consultation. Let us talk to learn more about one another and how I can help you implement a more effective marketing strategy. .

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