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Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing Consulting11 Email Marketing Tips

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

I have been providing email marketing workshops for a number of years, and I have collected some common questions. From, my nearly 20 years of email marketing consulting experience, enjoy this short article – 11 Email Marketing Tips. .

1) Does email marketing really work?

Yes. A comprehensive study by the Direct Marketing Association documented that on average, a $1 investment in email marketing returned $43. Here are the details of the study.

2) Could I just use gmail and just blind cc everybody?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingNo. You need to use an email marketing solution to enable your deliverability. Constant Contact is a great example of that type of solution. Using an established email marketing service provider will keep your deliverability high. If you simply send messages from your native email account, and blind cc hundreds of people, your internet service provider will likely think that you are sending spam, and your deliverability will drop. People will not get your messages.

3) Can I do email marketing myself?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingYes, but the question is really if you should do it yourself. You are an expert in your business, but are you an expert in marketing your business? Sometimes you need to invest in your marketing by bringing in an expert with more knowledge than you. I do not fix my car’s brakes. I take the car to the mechanic.

4) Where do I buy a list?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingPlease do not buy a list. This is not an effective way to execute your email marketing. It is better to have a list of 10 people who know and love your company, than 10,000 people who do not know who you are.

5) How do I avoid the spam filter?

Spam is great in the skillet on the breakfast campfire, but that is about the only place it is enjoyed. We all get too much spam. Please do not contribute to the problem. Subscribers should opt-in to your permission-based email messages to help you avoid spam filters.

6) What should I say?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingYou should always provide value to your readers. Educate them, entertain them, make them laugh, make them ponder, and then you can market. If you are ONLY marketing to your readers, they will become disinterested and stop reading your email campaigns. Perhaps you can provide a few quick tips, and then market your product or service. Focus on them, your target customers, and provide value first.

7) How often should I send a message?

You are awesome, but your awesomeness has a limit. I probably do not need to hear from you daily. Every business is different, but as a general rule, sending an email campaign more than once a week is likely too frequent, and less than once a month is too infrequent.

8) What does mobile friendly mean?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingMost people in the United States will read their email messages on a mobile device such as a tablet, smart phone, or e-reader. Your messages should be mobile friendly, or easy to read on that device. Your website should also be mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly to an in-bound click, you have likely lost a business lead.

9) Is email marketing worth the effort?

Yes. You can get started for as little as less than a buck a day. Have you priced a magazine advertisement lately?

10) Can I send different email marketing messages to different people?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingYes, this is called segmentation, niche marketing, or targeted marketing. Your segmentation strategy is really a measure of your business strategy. For example, if you are a not-for-profit organization, your donor marketing would be more effective if you target your $20 and $20,000 donors with distinctly different content.

11) How do I know that my email marketing it is working?

Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingYou must monitor, measure, and manage your email marketing. In the Constant Contact interface, there is a reporting tab that provides you the primary key performance indicators. At a high level you should make sure that your open rates and your click-through-rates, or CTR are, at least, satisfactory. The averages are industry specific, but as a general rule you should have open rates of 18-20% and CTRs of 5-10%.

These are just some basic tips to get you started, or improve what you are already doing. If you need more advanced help, contact us.

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