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    Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email MarketingThe Super Bowl, The Optometrist, and Email Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    What do The Super Bowl, The Optometrist, and Email Marketing, and all have in common? They are all about eyeballs. To be more successful with your marketing, you need to attract more eyeballs. More readers need to view your marketing content. Enjoy this short article about how to attract more eyeballs with your email marketing.

    No Secret Marketing

    Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing Do not practice secret marketing. Try this as an experiment. The next time that a restaurant waiter asks for your order, do not say anything. No not place your order and see if the waiter will bring you the proper food. This is how a lot of you practice your marketing. The messages never leave your head. This is secret marketing. Please do not practice it. Instead, explain why your product is great and how it can help your subscribers. Please do not assume that the reader will be able to speculate or interpret. In your email marketing, say very specifically why you are awesome and why customers should work with you. When you are direct, straightforward, and obvious in your messaging, your readers will continue reading. Messages that are indirect, confusing, and incomplete, or never leave your head, will cause you to lose eyeballs.

    Provide Value

    Also, remember to always provide value. There needs to be a reason to read your messages. Your customers and clients know that newsletter is marketing material, but that does not mean that it should be devoid of value. The Super Bowl attracts a number of fans year after year due to the commercials. These TV marketing messages are funny, dramatic, creative or motivational. This is the value. Follow that same model in your email marketing messages. Wrap your marketing content with value for your readers. When you do this, people will keep reading, and even encourage their friends to subscribe to your newsletter. If your marketing material is just self-promotional, it is boring to your market. High-value content attracts more eyeballs.

    Remind them, and remind them again

    Also, you will need to market again, and again, and again. For people new to effective marketing strategy this may seem frustrating and repetitive, but you need to remind those eyeballs again and again where to look. It is part of good marketing strategy. You know where your store is. I may have forgotten. You might need to remind me of the address. You know what your customer service model is. I may have forgotten. You need to remind me. Also, remind me to remind my friends about you.

    Encourage referral and recommendation

    Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing ConsultingYour present eyeballs can get you more eyeballs. Let us do a quick math example. Let us say that you have two subscribers to your enewsletter, and you ask them to encourage a friend to also subscribe. And, you follow the prior tip and remind them of this in every monthly newsletter that you publish. You started with two subscribers, but by the end of the year you could have 4096. This is the power of eyeballs. You just started with two people, but if you keep them encouraged, interested and enthused, and they continue to get your referred subscribers, you can grow exponentially.

    Monitor, measure and manage the process

    Mark Mikelat - Constant Contact Email Marketing Please realize that your email marketing requires work. The Super Bowl does not just happen, nor should your email marketing. It should be strategically planned. You need to monitor, measure and manage your email marketing messages. First you must monitor. Are your email campaigns working? Why, or why not? Secondly, you need to measure the success. How well is it working? Is it working with women and men? Is it working with discounted products only? What do the analytics say and how do you interpret those numbers? Thirdly, you manage the entire process. In short, if something is working do more of that. If something is not working, do less of that.

    Next Steps

    Do you understand these principles, but just need help putting it all together? I invite you to click here to review our email marketing packages and learn more about how you can benefit from my years of email marketing management experience. My goal is to get you more eyeballs and eventually more customers, clients, and sales.

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