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We are based in Long Beach, CA and service clients nationally with a focus on businesses in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County. But, don’t worry if need national, or international representatiion, we can help. We also have clients in China and the UK.

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Our phone number is: Eight eight three two seven three four. The phone prefix is (562).

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  • Hi,
    I missed your Electronic Delivery class for Score on 5/25 and I was wondering if you’ll be teaching it again anytime soon. I am also interested in your mentoring program. I have a number of products, books, and courses and I’d love help with their development and marketing. What’s the best way to schedule a first session to see if this will work for me?

    • Mark Mikelat


      I am sorry that you missed the event. We are always working to put new events on the calendar. I love people who take action and I encourage interested parties to sign up for a no cost consultation. Please visit to schedule a business discover call to see if we are a match for one another.


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