Ideas for Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Ideas for Email Marketing

    Mark Mikelat - Small Business MentorCreative Ideas for Email Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business. For every $1 spent on email marketing the average return is $44.35, according to a statistics study by Email marketing works. It was, is, and continues to be a cost-effective way to market your business. You just need to know how to do it. Here are 5 Creative Ideas for Email Marketing That Works.

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    We welcome new subscribers to the Building Aspirations newsletter with the Email Marketing Video Success Kit, 10 videos on how to ramp up your email marketing. Click here to subscribe. Not only do these videos provide you 10 great tips, but the video series is an example of what you need to do. You need to offer new subscribers an ethical bribe. Give them something of value to subscribe to your newsletter. I suggest that this be in electronic form such as a video series, a white paper, checklist, or cheat-sheet. Information in electronic form can be incredibly valuable to your subscribers, but cost you just a bit of development time, and zero additional cost for each download. It must be very valuable.

    Provide value in your newsletters

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    Most people misinterpret value as a deal. You do not necessarily need to provide discounts or deals in your newsletter. The content simply needs to be something of value. I remember conversing with a client once about this. She was a traveling stenographer. She was called to various courthouses to capture discussions in various legal proceedings. Her clients were lawyers and their support staff. She did not know how to provide value to these clients in a newsletter. I suggested reviews of lunch spots near the courthouse. She was focused on stenography. I was focused on what was important to her clients. Satisfy them first.

    Be Brief

    Less is more.

    Use visuals

    Mark Mikelat How to Be a Social Media Marketing Rock StarIt is true that pictures can convey messages more quickly and powerfully then text alone. Make sure that the pictures convey what you are trying to express, and that they are mobile friendly. In 2015, roughly 75% of email users read their emails on mobile devices. You need to test to make sure that the picture renders properly. A common problem is the use of pictures that are too detailed. Something that looks good on your laptop may not have a good visual impact when it is reduced to the size of a dime on a subscriber’s smart phone screen.

    Use video

    If a simple picture is very powerful, a video provides super impact. When you include a video in your email, it is actually not in your email. It is hosted on a video service, such as YouTube. The link is included, or embedded in your video. You can just include the link, but a thumbnail, or thumbnail image is a preferred strategy. This is a single frame from the video. Think of this as the visual enticement to have people click on the video to view it.

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    Think about how to be boring

    Mark Mikelat - Business Development Consulting - Building Aspirations (20)Ok, do you know how to be super boring? Great, now do the opposite of that. You have so little time to get the attention of the reader. We in the United States have attention spans of flees and you must get your readers intrigued, enticed or engaged right away. This does not happen with boring content. I appreciate that you might not be a professional comedian, or an-award winning journalist, yet I suspect that you can take steps to give your content more zest. Make it thought-provoking, fun, intriguing, motivational, inspirational, or educational. If your email is something that somebody really wants to forward to a friend, then you have passed the anti-boring test.

    Test stuff

    Innovate. Try new stuff, bit by bit. Do not go crazy. If you change things up too significantly, or too quickly, you will shock your audience and push them away. True marketers are always testing. Sometimes different fonts, layouts, colors schemes, photo placements, or timing can have a dramatic impact on your success. Do your testing strategically so that you can measure and monitor your results and continue to do what works.

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