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    I’m Mark Mikelat – Welcome!

    Mark Mikelat’s Affiliate Program

    Mark Mikelat - Affiliate Program

    Are you ready to make some big MONEY?

    Are you committed to helping other business people?

    Do you have 1 or 2 hours a month to promote?

    I need you to help me.

    I would love for you to join my affiliate program.

    Welcome to my Affiliate Program. This is an exciting opportunity to expand your income by providing your customers quality products and services. You can earn as much as 50% by simply recommending my products. As long as you use your affiliate links, our affiliate tracking system will follow your customers through the purchase process and reward you accordingly. All affiliate payments are processed through the secure payments management system.

    I want to make sure that I constantly and consistently provide high quality products and services at prices that are reasonable to the business community. One way that I do this is via online courses. These offerings are jam-packed with videos, resource guides and high-quality, actionable advice that businesses need to bring their success to the next level.

    In this program we offer the highest affiliate payments (50%) on electronic courses, and we use the YesCourse platform to host our online Academies.

    Here is the process. You market our products via the affiliate link. When the buyer buys the product, three things happen.

    1) The buyer pays.
    2) The buyer has instant access to the training product.
    3) You receive payment to your registered PayPal account according to the affiliate fee associated with the course.

    Are you ready to get started?
    Mark Mikelat - Affiliate Program
    P.S. We’ll also subscribe you to a monthly affiliate newsletter just to keep you apprised of new product offerings, promotional opportunities and marketing materials to help you promote and sell more.
    P.P.S. To really ramp up this opportunity, you could invite me to address your fan base with a live webinar. In that webinar not only will I present high quality content, but we will direct the participants to your affiliate link for product purchases. Your fans get great educational content and you can earn money while helping them. Win. Win. Win.

    Do you have questions? No problem. Here are some FAQS.

    How quickly can I make money?

    The registration process takes just a few minutes and then you have will access to your affiliate links. Once you share those on social media, or email them, or integrate them into your blog or website, you are good to go. So, if you have a fair number of active followers, you could start making money by helping people in just a few minutes.

    How much time does this require?

    This affiliate program is designed to be low stress, low maintenance and high value. If you want to invest 1 or 2 hours a month, this could really work for you. If you want to promote more often and promote more products, then, of course, more time is needed, but then you can earn more.

    How quickly do I receive my affiliate commissions?

    You are paid electronically from PayPal as soon as the transaction is completed. So, you are paid as quickly as the transaction can be processed.

    Does this cost anything?

    NO! There is no cost to join our affiliate program. Tell your friends and family to join as well. Email them or text them the link to this page right now. Post it on your social media page and encourage others to join the affiliate program as well.

    Is it difficult is it to get started?

    NO. It is easy to get started. Basically, you fill out a form and start posting links. So, I would say that it is pretty easy. Also, you will receive a monthly affiliate newsletter. There will be more links, tools, and tips to promote, making it easy to promote after the easy registration process.

    Will I represent good products?

    Yes! Just Google ‘Mark Mikelat.’ I have been around for a while and I can only make great money with a foundation of a great reputation. If there are errors or issues, my team and I are responsible for fixing them, not you. We stand by the concepts and quality of the products that we produce.

    What is the catch?

    No catch. You do need to put in some effort. I need your help because I cannot reach everybody. There are people out there who need this marketing help in their businesses. You can help me to help them. They get great instruction. You get paid. I get paid. Win. Win. Win. And, if you think about it, shouldn’t all business work like this?

    Mark Mikelat - Affiliate Program

    Here are just 2 of the 20+ high quality products available for sale.
    This is our online YouTube Course.
    This is our online Twitter Course.

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