7 Ways to Target More Precisely with Your Email Marketing

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    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing Consulting7 Ways to Target More Precisely with Your Email Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    Targeted marketing is very effective. You need to have a very direct and specific targeted consumer in mind for your marketing messages. A message aimed at everybody will target no one. Your product might have global value, but that does not mean that everybody wants or needs your product. Consequently, your marketing messages must be directed to be effective, and when you combine email marketing and targeted marketing messages you have an incredibly powerful marketing strategy. Enjoy this short article – 7 Ways to Target More Precisely with Email Marketing

    Segment by purchasing activity

    Your frequent and regular buyers should not receive the same marketing message as new or perspective customers. Somebody who is new to your business needs more education about why you are awesome, whereas a continuing customer needs more of a reminder message.

    Segment by opening activity

    Also, drive your decision making by your email subscriber’s activity. Presumably, the people who open your emails more frequently are more interested in your products and services and also more knowledgeable about them. For example, if a person consistently opens your emails, this tells you that they have interest in your message. The specific type of interest might be determined by where they click.

    Segment by clicking activity

    When a person clicks on a link in your email, they are making a decision to learn more about what you are offering. If they are not intrigued enough by a sentence or two in your email, they will be not interested in the more comprehensive information on your website, blog, or in your online store listing. Suppose that a person clicks on the same link several times in a year, but does not commit to a purchase. What does that tell you? Perhaps your website message needs improvement. Maybe something is confusing. You have an interested party, but somehow you are not properly tapping into their interest to convert it into a sale.

    Segment by geography

    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing ConsultingIf you have a local business, you need to be mindful of where your consumers live. First and foremost, you might want to capture their address, or at least their zip code in the email registration opt-in form. A consumer who lives two miles from your store is likely more valuable than one who lives fifty miles away. The consumer who lives closer might be able to take advantage of a Tuesday night flash sale, but the person who lives farther away might only be able to visit your shop on the weekend. Promoting a weekday sale to them might be counter-productive.

    Segment by demographics

    Further segmentation by demographics can be very valuable. For example, targeting consumers by age, gender or marital status can make you more effective in your marketing. If you know that your subscriber is a younger and unmarried professional, you probably would not market your family friendly products to them. A good real estate professional likely knows that a 20-something buyer is more likely to buy a condo rather than a 5-bedroom house. Create a good opt-in form to support this type of targeting. On your opt-in form ask the minimum number of questions that you need to get the proper demographic information for your type of targeting.

    Segment by psychographics

    Targeting by psychographics could also be extremely valuable. In basic terms, this could be thought of as hobbies and activities. Suppose that you own a sporting goods store. It would be very valuable to know who liked hiking, biking, golf or skiing. A skier might not care about your new golf club promotion.

    Segment by your profile

    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing ConsultingFinally, you can really be excellent at targeted marketing by creating your own consumer profiles. Admittedly, this can be difficult and time consuming, but this could really set you up for huge success. Let us image that you own a clothing boutique. Your customers might be fashion-first-timers, runway-watchers, and bargain-hunters. The runway-watchers might want the latest styles from the international fashion shows. The fashion-first-timers might want basic and timeless styles, and the bargain-hunters are seeking super deals. All of these consumers are seeking different marketing messages, and by profiling your consumers accordingly, you can send customized email marketing messages to them.

    Putting it all together

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