7 Social Media Marketing Tools to Make You Super Productive

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    Mark Mikelat 7 Social Media Marketing Tools to Make You Super Productive7 Social Media Marketing Tools to Make You Super Productive

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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    Social media marketing is a powerful way to market your business quickly and cost effectively. Yet, if you are inexperienced, or lacking in focus, you can quickly be sucked into a world of frivolously distractive cat videos. Your time is extraordinarily valuable and I want you to tap into the productive power of social media marketing. Here are 7 social media marketing tools to make you super productive.

    1) Perch

    This is a message consolidation tool, and it is free. You simply go to the website, and configure your specific social media accounts and set your update frequency. You will receive an email with all of your messages consolidated into one email message. If you set this for multiple times a day, you will only receive the messages since the last update. The channel specific reply buttons are included in the email, so that you read and reply from your email inbox. The messages all come to you in one place.

    2) EverNote

    Sometimes we do not get the prefect idea exactly when we want it. It will just come to us randomly. Capture that randomness with the EverNote app, available for iPhones and Driods. Install this on your phone and write notes to yourself when you have that ‘ah-hah’ moment. You can also store pictures and links. Just make sure that whatever you write will make sense a few months later when you read it.

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    3) Constant Contact

    If you do not have an email marketing system, you need to get started, and Constant Contact is a great place to get started. There are already 600,000 active customers worldwide, the customer service is great, and there are several templates and instructional videos to get to you started. You can get started on Constant Contact Toolkit, a full collection of online marketing tools, including email marketing, for less than $50 per month.

    4) PicMonkey

    Do you ever need a quick graphic, but lack the skills to navigate Photoshop? PicMonkey is a great, no-cost, easy to use tool for basic graphics. You can crop, size, and add titles to photos with great easy. There are several standard fonts, and you quickly manipulate colors and shapes. No coding skills are need. If you can click, and drag and drop, you can master this robust tool.

    5) HootSuite

    HootSuite is another social media scheduling tool. There is a basic and premium version of the tool. The basic version is free and has ample functionality. If you are managing multiple brands or accounts across various projects or clients, this is an easier and friendly solution for you. You can schedule, cross post, and monitor replies all in one comprehensive dashboard.

    6) Canva

    As social media marketing becomes more and more visual, we need tools that make us all appear to be master graphic artists. Canva is one of these tools, and it is optimized for use on mobile devices. There is a free app, and a paid app version, with the later being ads free and inclusive of great options. This tool is most valuable when you wish to post text, but give it some visual power. For example, if you wish to post a quick inspiration quote with an eye-catching background, this tool allows you to do that quickly and easily.

    7) Discipline

    Finally, and most importantly, your most valuable productivity tool is self-discipline. Part of social media, is or course, being social, but for many people it stops there. Your business must drive traffic, customers, and eventual results from your social media posts. This requires a strategy, and adherence to and monitoring of the results of that strategy.

    If something is working, you must do more of that, and if something is not working, do less of that. Ironically, most of you will evaluate with great detail the results of your magazine marketing, or your direct mail marketing, but your social media marketing suffers from the spray and pray basis. Far too many of you confuse tools for strategy.

    All of these are tools, and tools must be used effectively. The highest quality hammer will accomplish nothing if it sits in your toolbox. Review these tools, evaluate them, and experiment with them, but most importantly, extract value from them. The goal is to make you more productive in your online marketing and that means that you must use these tools to support your overall social media marketing strategy.

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