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    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing Consulting for Small Business7 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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    I have been consulting with small businesses on their email marketing for years, and I am focused on getting results. Small businesses simply work too hard, with limited resources, and squeezed budgets. You need marketing that is more effective and provides more return on your investment. Let me help you help yourself, by pointing out 7 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing.

    1) You are focused on yourself, not your market

    You must realize that your marketing is not about you. It is about them, and the “them” is your target market. You must provide marketing content that is focused on the needs and wants of your target market. People do not want to buy your product. They want to buy a solution to their problem. Do not market what you have to sell, market how you can help them; the solution. Always focus on your market first, and a simple way to do this is with short messages.

    2) The messages are too long

    In marketing, less is more. In the media right now, we are even beginning to see 6-second video commercials that are effective. A well crafted message does not need to be long. And, shorter messages are preferred. We in the United States are extremely impatient, and statistics document that the typical reader of an email marketing message will read it for less than one minute. So, why are you writing 10 pages? You think you need to. It is just the opposite. Be short and sweet. Concise is nice.

    3) The messages are too confusing

    Because consumers are so overwhelmed with information, you need messages that are very straightforward. A confusing marketing message pushes consumers away. As best you can, focus on one decision for the reader. Do not offer them a dozen options. That is too confusing. The decision might be to buy, or not buy a shirt. The shirt selection options reside on your website. The purpose of the email message is to get the reader to make one decision, in this case to click on a link to see what shirts are available. Yet, this can only work if the offer is enticing.

    4) The offer is not enticing

    An enticing offer gets the attention of the targeted buyer. It might be a discount, but it does not need to be. It could be an exclusive offer, a limited time offer, or a bundled offer. The uses of FLASH sales are popular in various business segments right now because the consumers know that items offered in a FLASH sale are of limited supply. The enticement is built into the type of sale. If a purchaser wants an item they know they will need to commit quickly.

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    5) Your frequency is wrong

    You may simply be using the wrong frequency for your email campaigns. You are extraordinary, but even your most beloved customer likely does not want to hear from you every day. Your specific schedule really should be a factor of your business model and the demographics of your target market. As a general rule, once a week to once a month is about right. Sending a message once a quarter is far too infrequent and once every day will just irritate your subscribers.

    6) You neglect to monitor and measure

    Please do not just execute and forget your email campaigns. You must monitor the analytics to learn what works and what does not work. Who clicked? When did they click? Who are your frequent openers, and who never opens your emails? These are just some of the basic questions that you must ask yourself. If something works, do more of that. If something does not work, do less of that. Continue to repeat this process and your email marketing will always be at peak effectiveness.

    7) It is not part of your strategic marketing plan

    Finally, please be strategic with your email marketing. It should be coordinated with your overall marketing efforts, including your branding. The colors, fonts, messaging and content should all be consistent with your website and other marketing material. You know what your logo looks like, but I might need to see it 10 times before I realize what the logo is, and that it is associated with you.

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