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    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing5 Proven Strategies to Engage with Email Marketing

    by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

    I want your email marketing to be incredibly effective, and that means engaging with your audience. Keep them interested. Keep them opening. Keep them reading and keep them clicking. How do you do that? Read this short article for 5 Proven Strategies to Engage with Email Marketing. Marketing

    Email Marketing Strategy – 1) Click here

    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing Consulting
    Use links to direct people to more information on your website or blog. Provide them just enough marketing messaging in your email to pique their interest. Then, send them to a specific page with more detailed information about the product. Do not direct them to a generic page such as your home page. You want to create a landing page experience. Clickers are warm leads. They are curious to learn more. Do not disappoint them. Make sure to provide some basic information on your webpage including the specific offer, the benefits, and a convincing enticement of why they should purchase from you. And remember that ‘purchase’ might not really be a purchase. It might be a registration, an appointment, or some other action. Your clickers are interested parties. Do not lose their interest.

    Email Marketing Strategy – 2) Time limits on offers

    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing ConsultingAlso, consider putting time limits on any promotional offers that you provide. I once learned from a college professor when stuff really gets done: The Last Minute. Think about it. If there was never a due date on your bills, when would you pay them? Offers with deadlines create more commitment. This is especially valuable if you sell products or services with a short shelf life. If you have open appointments in your salon on a Tuesday, you could send out a “Discounted appointments today only” message Tuesday morning. People who are ready and able to take action immediately are more likely to open and click to reserve an appointment. There needs to be a sense of urgency because we just love to procrastinate.

    Email Marketing Strategy – 3) Enticing Content

    Always provide value. This starts with enticing content. You can inspire, motivate, educate, or excite. You can make them think, laugh, or wonder. If you can tap into the emotions of your reader, you are engaging them. What you say and how you say it depends on your message and your market. Just do not be boring. This is a HUGE part of what I help my clients achieve in my mentoring program. I help clients craft marketing content, not just write something.

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    Email Marketing Strategy – 4) Be well timed

    Put some thought into when you will send your messages. You want people to read your message, and take immediate action. This means that the timing needs to be right. Consider when your targeted readers will be more likely to open and read your message. As a general rule, sending messages at 3am is probably not the best choice, unless of course, you are marketing to vampires. Through a bit of experience you can measure and monitor your analytics and understand what time of day is most effective for you.

    Email Marketing Strategy – 5) Personalized messaging

    Mark Mikelat - Email Marketing ConsultingLastly, personalize the message. “Hey You, Buy My Stuff” is exactly what not to write. Think about your readers. Are they men or women? Are they beginners or experts? The better you understand your target market, the more effectively you can provide specific, personalized and targeted messages. One of my clients sells specialized nutritional consultations to people with digestive challenges. Her market might include hospital administrators, home healthcare workers, and nutritionists. Although all of these people would benefit from my client, they are all seeking different variations of her expertise. Consequently, they should all receive personalized or customized messages. This is specifically accomplished via a targeted marketing strategy. This might mean 3 email lists. The hospital managers might receive a message about personalized staff workshops, the home healthcare workers might be told about personalized coaching, and the nutritionists might get a promotion for a webinar or e-course. They all want the knowledge, but in different forms. Be mindful of what your market is seeking from you, and create your marketing messages to support that.

    Email Marketing Strategy – Next Steps

    These are great ideas, yet they need to be integrated into a comprehensive email marketing plan to really work well in your business. If you need help with this plan, connect with us at Building Aspirations. We can provide you email marketing training, coaching, or management for beginner, intermediate, and expert users. Contact us today.

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