5 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing

Building Aspirations - 5 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing5 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing

by Mark Mikelat, Building Aspirations

Social Media Marketing can be a powerful tool to help you build your small business. Yet it is only a tool, and even the best tools, if used improperly, cannot help you. You can waste a lot of time, energy, and money with social media, if you are not using a success strategy. Here are 5 keys to successful social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing – Manage Your Goals

First and foremost, you need to manage social media. Please do not just randomly start posting. You need a strategy. Determine your specific intent with every channel, and every message. Think what you want to have happen. What is your intended response? This is your purpose in the specific social media marketing campaign. Do you want new customers, up-sells, referrals, or appointments? Always encourage a call to action to support that intended response. For example, if you want to have people schedule an appointment, then make it obvious how they can do that. Perhaps you might have a button that says “Click here to schedule an appointment.” Next, you encourage this client action with great content.

Social Media Marketing – Share Great Content

You need to share content with your target market. Share content that is of value to your market. What is this content? There are many different forms of content. A blog post is a great example of content creation. You can also share videos, photos or links. Do not be intimidated by the fact that you might not have the skills of an accomplished author or the abilities of an Oscar-winning cinematographer. If you are challenged in creating original content, you can also share other people’s content. This is not plagiarizing. This is simply sharing an article that already exists. Your local news station might show clips from other news stations. They did not film the piece, but they are sharing the valuable information. Sharing great content creates engagement.

Social Media Marketing – Foster Engagement

Remember, social media is about being social. You want people to read, enjoy and engage with your content. That means that you want them to comment, reply, share, or forward your messages. These actions have several benefits. They create more exposure for you, help you build rapport with your target market, and this can also serve as quick market research. If you post a short story about a new product and people post glowingly positive remarks, now you have social proof that you have a good product. You have proven that the market likes your product. This in turn helps you monitor the situation.

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Social Media Marketing – Monitor The Success

I want you to do what works. But, how does one know what works? The answer is that you monitor the situation. Think back to the management step and what you wanted to have happen. Did it actually happen? You cannot manage what you cannot measure. I often encourage clients to think about the numbers. Evaluating a social media marketing campaign as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is far too subjective for you to take action. You need specific numbers to evaluate. Suppose that you wanted a Facebook campaign to result in five phone calls and you received two. The campaign underperformed. Perhaps your copywriting can be improved, or maybe the targeted market was poorly chosen, or maybe the goal of five was too aggressive. You need to look at the numbers to monitor what works and what does not. If something works, do it again.

Social Media Marketing – Repeat What Works

If something works, do more of that. If something does not work, do less of that. I call this is a success recipe. Once you have a success recipe, keep cooking. It may take you some time to determine what this recipe is, but once you have a good recipe, keep cooking. Repeat what works.

Social Media Marketing – Final words

Social Media is a great strategy to ramp up your small business marketing. But, just because it is popular, does not mean that you should abandon standard marketing principles. Continue to focus on your customers, engage with them with valuable content, and monitor what works and what does not. Keep doing what works.

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